Membership troubleshooting

For anyone who has difficulties accessing our paid content areas. Membership troubleshooting and frequently asked questions...

I've paid for membership but no email was received to set up a Username

If you have completed checkout via PayPal but you were not sent an email to set up a Username, please check your junk mail folder and add as a contact. If you cannot find an email from Gestational Diabetes UK, then please contact us.

I've set up membership but can't access the paid content pages

log inTo view the paid content pages in the Membership Area you must log in.

To log in, scroll to the bottom of the website where there is a Login box.

Once you have entered your username and password you should be able to access the pages in the Membership Area.

If this does not work and you are using a mobile device, please close down any running apps and the re-open the website to log in. If you are using a PC, please clear your cookies and history and then re-open a new tab to the website to log in.

Forgotten or lost Username

If you have forgotten your Username please contact us.

Forgotten or lost Password

If you have forgotten your Password, please click on the Lost Password link in the Login box.

How do I cancel membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time from our Cancel Membership page.

I can't find the Membership Area pages
Mobile version of the header menu
Mobile version of the header menu

At the top of the website there is a menu header. It appears differently on the desktop and mobile versions, but both show a menu header, or menu bar with categories listed and drop-down menus.

On the desktop version of the website, click on the header tab 'Membership Area' and a drop-down menu will appear with all the paid content pages.

On the mobile version of the website, click on 'Menu' and scroll down to the 'Membership Area'. All the paid content pages are listed under the title 'Membership Area'.

You must be logged in to view the paid membership area pages.

*Please note: 7 day meal plan pages are only accessible to Silver members.

I'm trying to log in but being denied access or getting an error message

If you try to log into the website and it denies you access or shows an error message, please contact us with the details of the error message and we will try our best to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

I'm trying to log in but nothing is happening

If you try to log into the website and it keeps timing out or you do not get a response, this may be because of security setting preventing you from accessing your account. Please contact us and we should be able to rectify this issue as quickly as possible.


Frequently asked questions


How long is the minimum membership time?

You can join as a member, set up your account and then cancel straight away. This will give you one month's access to the Membership Area and no further payments will be taken.

What types of payment do you accept?

You can checkout via PayPal or using a credit/debit card.

Can I upgrade from Bronze to Silver membership?

If you join Bronze membership but decide you would prefer Silver membership, please contact us the same day and we will help you change to Silver membership.

I cancelled my subscription but would like to re-join, can I do this?

If you have previously been a member but have cancelled and then decide to re-join, please sign up for the membership package you prefer and contact us.

As you have been a member previously, unless you use a different email address, your new PayPal payment may not link to your existing Gestational Diabetes UK Username. To link the accounts we need to do this manually, so please contact us.

Are the GD friendly brownies and cakes in the Silver or Bronze membership?
GD brownies
GD friendly brownies

The GD friendly brownies, cheesecakes and mug cakes are all on the Desserts & Treats page which is available to both Bronze & Silver members.

Bounty mug cake
Bounty mug cake