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Do you need some extra help with cracking the GD diet? Do you want extra recipes, hints and tips based on our 8 golden rules of eating? Perhaps you’d like some 7 day meal plans to get you started? Join our Bronze or Silver membership today!

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Gestational Diabetes UK started with the Facebook support group. Since the group launched in 2014, we’ve seen thousands of mothers come through the group and currently have over 6,700 members in our main group. Come and join us today!

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Gestational Diabetes UK started with the Facebook support group, but we soon realised that Instagram was a great way to share easy to remember visuals. Follow us today for tips, ideas, inspiration, support and encouragement! #GDUKMums @ gestational_diabetes_uk

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  • Gestational diabetes party food

    Gestational diabetes party food

    Gestational diabetes Party food Gestational diabetes party food can be hard to try to figure out and may seem daunting or depressing. Party food and buffets can be a carb heavy event which can make selecting food quite tricky withRead More »
  • Gestational Diabetes Christmas 2018

    Gestational Diabetes Christmas 2018

    Gestational diabetes Christmas 2018 Here's your ultimate survival guide to a gestational diabetes Christmas! This post is dedicated to all our members that are looking at ways to stay on track through the festive period which is packed with food,Read More »
  • Halloween


    Dreading Halloween with GD? Is the thought of Trick or Treating filling you with dread and turning into a real nightmare? Don't worry ladies, you can still have lots of yummy things this Halloween that won't raise those blood sugar levelsRead More »
  • Bank Holiday Competition – GD Bumps for GD Brownies

    Bank Holiday Competition – GD Bumps for GD Brownies

    #GDBumpsforGDBrownies our Bank Holiday Competition Gestational Diabetes does not discriminate - we know that ANY pregnant woman can be diagnosed and so to show this we would like to run a competition called #GDbumpsforGDbrownies The winner will receive the *dryRead More »

Diagnosed with gestational diabetes

diagnosed with gestational diabetes

Just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes? If you've just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes you may be feeling shocked, upset, overwhelmed, guilty, distressed, in denial, or asking "why me?". It can be a daunting and very confusing time. What may

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Gestational diabetes diet

gestational diabetes diet snack

Gestational diabetes diet Making lifestyle changes to follow a good gestational diabetes diet will mean achieving lower blood sugar levels which will ultimately benefit your baby hugely and reduce the risks and complications associated with gestational diabetes. But what is

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Example meal plan

Example meal plan

What is our meal plan like? So that you can get an idea of what our 7 day meal plans look like. Here is one day's example meal plan for you to see and try... Our golden rules to eating

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Colostrum harvesting

Colostrum harvesting antenatal expressing

Colostrum harvesting Colostrum harvesting is collecting colostrum from the breast. Colostrum is the first secretion from the mammary glands, rich in antibodies. It is a sticky liquid from the nipples which is made before the milk has 'come in' (before

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Induction of labour


Induction of labour In order for a baby to be born the cervix (neck of the uterus) has to shorten, soften and open and there needs to be contractions. In most pregnancies this process happens naturally between 38 - 42

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Medication for gestational diabetes

If blood sugar levels cannot be lowered and stabilised through diet and exercise alone then you will need the help of medication in the form of oral tablets and/or insulin to help lower your blood sugar levels. Here are the three things which are used in gestational diabetes to lower levels...

insulin for gestational diabetes