Gestational Diabetes UK

I created Gestational Diabetes UK as a GD Mum, for other Mums. I’m dedicated to providing information on gestational diabetes, from diagnosis through to birth and beyond.

I do not show any ads on my website, or have any annoying pop-ups. There are no affiliate links and no financial gain for any products that are mentioned within the content. All links shown are purely for information purposes.

GD UK does not sell any physical products, instead, it is funded by an optional subscription to the website for additional GD UK recipes and 7-day meal plans.

By selling subscriptions, it has meant that the Gestational Diabetes UK website can remain free for all to use so that I can continue to update with more information and support as time goes on.

If you are interested in my optional GD UK Recipe Subscription to help fund the website and my work involved, please click on the link below.

Thanks, Jo (Founder of Gestational Diabetes UK)

Jo Paterson Gestational Diabetes UK