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I am Jo, a three times GD Mum and founder of Gestational Diabetes UK

I created Gestational Diabetes UK in 2014 as a GD Mum, for other Mums. I’m dedicated to providing information, research and support on gestational diabetes, from diagnosis through to birth and beyond.

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GD UK does not sell any physical products, instead, it is funded by an optional subscription to the website for additional GD UK recipes and 7-day meal plans.

By selling recipe subscriptions, it has meant that the Gestational Diabetes UK website can remain free for all to use.

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The GD UK website has been a saving grace in both my pregnancies, even now with my 3rd on the way. Especially with my first child I was being told to eat things by the NHS that just gave me bad readings. I searched Facebook for people in my shoes and stumbled along the group. Over time I read the website, bit by bit, taking it all in. It’s such an overwhelming journey from diagnosis to helping yourself but the group and website helped incredibly. The recipes are easy, tasty and you can make them affordable. Browsing the website and trying the recipes has in the past, inspired me to whip up something not on the site. It’s enabled me to understand the principles of the GD diet. I even ate some recipes when not pregnant because they’re that yum! With my second baby I felt more knowledgeable and empowered to take control of my pregnancy and speak up about my plans for pregnancy and birth. I’m now having my third and it’s becoming second nature when ordering food shops, making meals etc. The group is always there and someone will always give you the best advice. The website has a wealth of info, testimonials, experiences etc so you’ll more often than not be able to find an answer without the group. For £5 a month it’s totally worth it. I got the free one for a while and the recipes were so good that I just had to try the paid membership. The brownies and cookie bar is to die for, it’s worth it just for those! Thank you Jo!

Kellie, Suffolk

GDUK was a lifeline for me when I found out I had gestational diabetes. I knew nothing about diabetes or controlling my sugar levels and sadly the NHS guidance on what I could and couldn’t eat was completely at odds with getting everything under control! The recipes, hints and tips not only from the GDUK team but also fellow users was invaluable support and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Emma, Kent

So I took the plunge and subscribed to the website. Oh my word, the brownies…. they are sooooooooo good. It’s actually dangerous as I have definitely been eating them way too quickly! I tried a couple of keto cookies/ chocolate cake recipes on the Internet, and these are on a whole different level. If anyone is sitting on the fence about getting the membership I’d say do it, looking forward to trying a few more recipes

Vadee, Birmingham

I used the website information and free recipes as soon as I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28weeks. After a few weeks I decided to pay for the members recipes and they really did help me to feel like I could enjoy food again, particularly the sweet recipes like the cookies and lemon cake (every recipe I tried was fab)!

Fern, West Sussex

I’ve had GD for 2 pregnancies. I *know* what food I can and can’t eat. But I couldn’t have got through pregnancy #2 without the subscription. In my mind I wasn’t buying recipes, I was buying brain capacity, time and creativity. The search function on the website makes planning easy and meals varied. The banana pancakes are still a regular fixture for all in our house! 10/10 would recommend. Thank you for all you do

Fiona, Worcestershire

Having had GD for 2 pregnancies, I honestly don't know what I'd have done if I hadn't been directed to this group. In my first pregnancy, I was a complete novice! I blamed myself and panicked at first. But I was supported to overcome this, and get stuck into a diet that worked MILES better for my levels than the diet the NHS dietician had told me to follow. I've never looked back. I then had my 2nd pregnancy and had GD from the off. Jo and all the information that is available on the website and the support from the Facebook group are priceless! I had my twins almost 3 years ago and there are still some firm faves in our meals gained from Jo. Thank you will never be enough! Highly recommended!

Shona, Hampshire

I had gestational diabetes with both of my rainbow babies. The first I was diagnosed at 29 weeks and the second, I had high levels from conception. Anxious pregnancies that were made even harder with GD on top. I absolutely could not have got through them with my mental health intact without Jo, the Gestational Diabetes UK website and group. Having easily accessible, evidence based, up to date dietary advice and recipes made it tolerable - and tasty! It’s quite a shock to have to change your diet overnight, especially when you realise that your typical western diet is very carb heavy. Figuring out what to cook and how to balance fats, proteins and carbs is quite daunting, especially when you’re navigating pregnancy and the emotions that come with a diagnosis. Having the support to do so from Gestational Diabetes UK is absolutely priceless. Thank you so much!

Rosanna, Wiltshire

I had the subscription from the Gestational Diabetes UK website during my last pregnancy and it was a life saving. So many delicious recipes that always kept my numbers in range. I particularly enjoyed the brownies, lemon and blueberry traybake and the chicken pie It would have been extremely hard to go through all of it without those recipes and the website advice.

Flora, Godalming

I’m 7 years postpartum and I still make lots of the recipes from the website. The info on the website is second to none and I learnt so much during my pregnancy. I’m not much of a baker but even I manage to follow the recipes on the website to make some delicious treats. Thanks Jo for all your help and advice, you really are one of a million devoting your life to helping GD mums. You have saved 1000s of babies

Elizabeth, SE London

Jo, your knowledge and your recipes saved my sanity twice (first pregnancy I didn’t know about you ). I will be forever thankful to you as Even in the hardest times (only GD moms will understand) I had a feeling I can treat myself without harming my baby. Your recipes are amazing and delicious and even though I’m 3 months post having a baby I still didn’t cancel my subscription and waiting for new yummy ideas. THANK YOU .

Veronika, Portsmouth

I came across GD UK about 6 months into my pregnancy by this point I was confused, miserable and hungry! The information on the site is brilliant, it explained everything in terms I could understand and the recipes are absolutely amazing... I was no longer fed up and hungry or feeling like a failure and completely alone! The support from the site and group is second to none and got me through the last few months, I don't know how I'd have managed without it...3 years later and I still use the recipes they are that good!

Natalie, Sunderland

I discovered GD UK early in my second GD pregnancy and I honestly don't know how I would have got through without it. The recipes are generally very easy (if more work is involved it is clearly stated) and there were definitely times when I wondered if they really were diabetes friendly because they tasted amazing! My youngest is almost 2 and I'm still a paid up member who still cooks Jo's recipes on a regular basis

Sarah, London

I did the £5 subscription for 3 or 4 months and it was invaluable. Great recipes and the advice is really what got me through my pregnancy after being diagnosed at 19 weeks. The brownies alone were worth the subscription and my baby is now 4 months old and this will be the way I make brownies going forward, absolutely delicious! If anyone I know is ever diagnosed with GD, this website will be the first thing I recommend!

Sophie, Bolton

GD UK was a lifeline for me in both my GD pregnancies. Far more information and advice than I received from my NHS trust four page leaflet ! I’m no longer pregnant but I still pay for membership so that hopefully this amazing resource will be there in the future for others. The membership recipes are fantastic and really feel like a treat. I mostly used the sweeter recipes and I have a chaotic life so I never used the meal plans. But the ideas for meals really helped me and my family and remain firm favourites and with this advice and medication I managed to achieve good glycaemic control.

Sarah, Yorkshire

Jo & GD UK have been an absolute godsend to me. I have 2 beautiful healthy children thanks in large part to this website & the subscription of recipes! It offers manageable recipes for every price point & the information & support from everyone is incredible. It is a knowledgeable fountain for anyone with GD or anyone who has had it previously, I still use so many recipes! Cheesecakes & brownies? Yes! I used these recipes from 12-38 weeks of pregnancy and the results were mind-blowing! I cannot recommend it enough.

Haley, London

I don't know what I would have done without GD UK. It was a shock to be diagnosed in my second pregnancy (having not had it with my first) and I felt guilty thinking that it because of something I had done. GD UK was such a great source of knowledge for me, made me understand how it wasn't my fault and helped to explain it to my family too. As a vegetarian, I thought I'd find the food side difficult but GD UK was packed with so many recipes that I didn't feel like I was missing out. The brownies were a particularly nice treat and worth the subscription on their own! My guilt around GD disappeared, I ate nice good during my pregnancy and my baby arrived safely into the world and GD UK had such a big part to play in this.

Nicky, London

The website was a godsend in both of my GD pregnancies, especially the first time around when it was a shock and completely overwhelming and you’re not sure where to turn. My only regret the first time is not subscribing sooner, it was nearer the end of my first pregnancy when I discovered the brownie recipe, game changer! This time around I was diagnosed at 12 weeks so I’ve been scoffing them for longer this time! Along with other cake recipes as well, it’s been a sanity saver if you’re a cake lover like me! Yes some of the ingredients can be pricey compared to normal ingredients but I just compare it to how much I would have spent on junk food and cake bought from cafes and shops etc. I cannot recommend the website enough for both information about GD and the recipe section, both helped me through.

Rachel, Gateshead

GD UK was amazing when I was pregnant with my little sugar lump. The recipes were great and always had really helpful hints and tips to get the best out of them - where to buy something or how to pair if necessary. The articles were a lifesaver and I was constantly on there reading up. The website enabled me to stay diet-controlled my whole pregnancy after being diagnosed at 14 weeks. I still refer to the recipes now as they were just so tasty!

Jemma, Portsmouth

I found the GD UK website back in 2018 when I was pregnant with my daughter. Getting a GD diagnosis left me with more questions than answers and sadly the advice I was given by my midwife made my levels spike and me feel terrible. Jo’s recipes saved my GD journey. I subscribed and enjoyed cakes, brownies and curries that not only tasted amazing, but also kept my GD levels under control. Due to the support and advice given on the website and supporting Facebook group I was able to stay diet controlled and had a beautiful baby girl who also passed her sugars. Can’t thank Jo and the team enough for such an invaluable resource!!

Nicola, Manchester

Gestational Diabetes UK is a fantastic website, full of up to date research and information on all aspects of gestational diabetes and it really helped me through my pregnancy with my daughter back in 2020. I don’t know what I would have done without it, to be honest! The diet advice is amazing and there are so many GD-friendly recipes available to use which all keep numbers well within range. I also paid for the membership and I can say the membership recipes are outstanding and well worth the subscription!! I even kept it going for a few months postpartum too, the brownies were just too yummy to say goodbye too! Thank you Jo and the team for all your efforts! I have learnt so much from the website and really appreciate all the hard work that has been put into collating all of this information in one place!

Mrs McC, Hertfordshire

The Gestational Diabetes UK website is such a great resource. It was recommended to me by many other mums with gestational diabetes. There are so many great recipes available for a reasonably priced subscription fee. Having PCOS and being insulin resistant means the risk of type diabetes for me is higher so the recipes are for life, not just pregnancy! Huge thanks to Jo and the team for a great resource!

Helen, Ireland

My friend told me about Jo (and Gestational Diabetes UK) after finding out I had GD of week 29 of my second pregnancy. I would say that the recipes and information on the site allowed me to stay diet led throughout...Jo is so knowledgeable, puts it all in a way we can understand all, without judgement as I was so ashamed when I received the diagnosis. Absolutely invaluable website and Facebook group, I paid for membership whilst pregnant and still use many of the hacks now I'm no longer pregnant.

Louise, Hampshire

I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes for the first time in my 3rd pregnancy. I felt overwhelmed and didn't even know where to begin with what I could eat and what I needed to know and do going forward. My sister shared the Gestational Diabetes UK Instagram page with me and I quickly found the Facebook page and then the website and started reading through all articles on there from diagnosis and where I needed to go next. I genuinely would not have gotten through this with such a positive attitude without any of it. I bought the subscription as I love baking and the fact I could still have adapted treats has made this journey even easier along the way. I have recommended it to everyone I know with GD and will continue to rave about it and follow recipes from here even after pregnancy. Thank you SO much Jo, from the bottom of my heart for making our lives that bit better through this journey and giving us real facts and information and help

Jenny P, Surrey

GD UK offers practical, evidenced solution for mums-to-be with gestational diabetes which includes not only advice on what and how to eat but easy, accessible recipes for everyday and occasions. I have had three diabetic pregnancies and, during the time in your life when you feel vulnerable and alone, the support and solution-based expertise from GD UK is invaluable.

Anna, Scottish Borders

When I was diagnosed with GD, I was signposted to a strict diet to try and keep blood sugars low. I found GD UK on Facebook and followed the diet provided on the website. This allowed for the diet to be more achievable and introduced the concept of pairing. When I saw the dietician in the hospital, she told me to eat low fat yogurt and not to eat any chocolate, even dark chocolate. When I challenged her on it, she said that I don't need chocolate in my diet. No one needs chocolate! But I was diagnosed at 28 weeks, and I would have to get through Easter. So I needed a diet that was realistic. I ditched the dietician and stuck with the diet. The diabetic team were always happy with my numbers, and I was put onto insulin for fasting numbers a few weeks before birth. I had a bit of a meltdown about medication, but again the website and group helped me to see it was not a failing. I don't know what I'd have done without the group.

Clár, Republic of Ireland

The recipes on the GD UK website saved me during my pregnancies. I subscribed late on with my first and wished I had subscribed earlier. With my second I had GD from the get go and had the subscription throughout it. The free and paid recipes helped enormously especially when I needed a sweet fix (and they didn't feel like you were eating anything different). They seem like they are such a treat and when I didn't know what to have in the morning I would sometimes just have a brownie with double cream . I still make the lasagne, brownies and the cheese sauce now. Even if you can only afford one month it is worth every penny.

Claire, Cumbria

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