Bonfire night

Heading off for bonfire night this evening or weekend?

Here’s a few tips to enjoy bonfire night with rest of the family and friends without stressing about high blood sugar levels…


Hot dogs and burgers

hot dogBonfire night wouldn’t be the same without a hot dog!

Aim for high meat content sausages and burgers, 90% plus meat content, which haven’t been bulked out with cereals.

Adding onions, salad and plenty of cheese will help fill you up, with the cheese slowing down the release of glucose into the bloodstream.

Serve your hot dog or burger in a GD friendly bread such as a wholemeal roll, a Lidl high protein roll, or even a slice of Burgen soya & linseed bread or a brown sandwich thin. Burgers served in a large flat mushroom or grilled halloumi slices also make for the perfect GD treat!


warning2Avoid sweet sauces

Watch out for ketchup, BBQ, sweet chilli, or hot sauces which may contain lots of sugar (even many of the reduced sugar versions have high amounts of sugar in them!) Use full fat mayonnaise, or full fat, creamy coleslaw instead.


No toffee apples, but still have a sweet apple treat!

Slice up a Granny Smith apple and dunk into peanut butter

Granny Smith apples contain less natural sugar than other varieties. Choose a nut butter with less than 6g total carbohydrate per 100g. Good choices shown below (carbs per 100g) are:



Bonfire night drinks

winter spice ribena

bonfire night drink winter spice ribena
Winter Spice Warm Ribena

How about a lovely warming drink of limited edition No added sugar Winter Spice flavoured Ribena, a 250ml serving has 1.8g total carbohydrates, so whilst not sugar free it is a warming drink which won’t push your blood sugar levels too high.



bonfire night hot chocolateHot chocolate with cream

Try an indulgent mug of hot chocolate made from Cadbury’s Highlights, Options, or Choc Shot. You can make your hot chocolate with whole cow’s milk or almond milk with plenty of double cream. Why not whip some for on top for a real treat with a sprinkle of cinnamon?!


becks blueBeck’s Blue

One non alcoholic drink that a few ladies have had success with is Becks Blue which has 9g carbs per bottle. Due to the carbohydrate amount, ideally it would be best to drink this with or following a high protein meal and test levels after it (like you would food).

Wrap up warm, stay safe and have fun! Have a great Bonfire night, from Gestational Diabetes UK!

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