Gestational diabetes c-section birth stories

Here we share some of our members gestational diabetes c-section birth stories. With gestational diabetes, many ladies may be advised to have their baby delivered before their due date. This may be via an induction of labour [IOL] or via caesarean section [c-section].

A c-section is major surgery which carries risks and requires a longer recovery time than a vaginal birth. A c-section will only be recommended if your medical team feel it is the best and safest option for you and your baby.

A diagnosis of gestational diabetes itself is not reason enough for recommendation of having a c-section, however complications caused by gestational diabetes may lead to a c-section being advised.

gestational diabetes c-section birth story

Gestational diabetes c-section birth stories from our members

I’ve had two planned c sections due to reasons other than GD. My first pregnancy I was diagnosed at 28 weeks. Despite my team being amazing the nutritional advice wasn’t great. I only managed to control my GD by signing up to the recipes and meal plans on GDUK. For the last two weeks I had to take metformin for fasting levels which were out of my control. Annabelle was born very healthy at 6 pound 1 and passed all sugars. Second pregnancy 8 months later eek and diagnosed at 24 weeks as I passed GTT at 16 but I pushed to be tested again before 28 weeks. Diet controlled again and managed to not have any highs the whole pregnancy as followed the GDUK advice with no cheating! I put on no weight both pregnancies. Seb was born at 39 weeks and passed his sugars, he was 6 pound 11. I could not have had two beautiful healthy children if it wasn’t for the advice on this fb group and the website. Thanks Jo and the admins you are amazing ~ Laura Louise


Planned section at exactly 38 weeks. I had OC too and on metformin and Urso. I was first on the list. I had to eat a high protein dinner the night before and fast from 10pm. I was given a laxative to take the night before and anti sickness tablets. My levels were good in the morning, so no need for a sliding scale. I had to be at the hospital by 7am. I was taken to change at 8am. I had a cannula inserted incase I needed meds. I walked into theatre and the anaesthetist came with. then had my epidural. A cold spray on my back and it was done in 2 mins. I started to feel numb about 5 mins later. The anaesthetist stayed. There were 3 consultants and 4 midwives in the room. They put up a screen and I began. They talked through the procedure which was good as it kept me knowing what was good big on. Hubby watched from next to me. It literally took 15mins till she was on my chest staring at me! Hubby cut her cord and they cleaned her up. I was wheeled to recovery with her and hubby and was on the ward about an hour later as soon as they’d checked I was okay. I was up and about as soon as the anaesthetic wore off later that afternoon and out within 24hours ~ Raeesa 


I had a planned c section due to iugr. It was planned for 38 weeks anyways due to a previous 4th degree tear. But due to growth issues I ended up having a semi-emergency at 36 weeks. I was diet controlled throughout pregnancy only ever had 2 high readings. They gave me steroids though sent me home and my bs levels went crazy all above 9 and kept getting worse. Went back in that night and was monitored for a few hrs. As bs levels kept increasing the put me on the lovely sliding scale!!! (Oh god I hated it!) I was monitored every every hour even through the night for 24hrs. At Birmingham women’s they make you do your own testing and I would just write it down on a paper. A few times they did increase insulin but after a bit it stabilised. I was nil by mouth the night before. I was first on list to have my section – was admitted Tuesday and had c section Thursday but ended up having c section at 12ish due to a few emergencies. C section was a very relaxed and pleasant experience. Baby born a tiny 4lb 10 and her sugar levels would not stabilise and her temp was all over the place too. Had to give formula to help bring her levels up. Took about 8 hrs and they stabilised. We went home the following afternoon ~ Sonia


Otto is my fourth child , I already have an 18yr old son and 13 yr old twin girls; they were all vaginal births. It took four years and 6 losses to finally get our sticky bean. I was on Fragmin injections from positive test and also progesterone suppositories , low dose aspirin and high dose folic acid. I was told at 20 week scan that I had a low lying placenta but to wait and see what happens…. I got diagnosed with GD at roughly 27 weeks…. I managed to stay diet controlled for a while but my fasting levels were always tricky so ended up on insulin. 27 units at nighttime.
My placenta didn’t move enough to consider a natural birth .
My consultant booked me in for a c section at 36+ 4 as I have always gone into labour a bit early (waters breaking) 
I went into hospital for steroid injections a week before my c section. I took a cool box of GD friendly food: protein rolls/ chicken/egg mayo/ bacon strips/babybel/ sf jelly, but the hospital staff were amazing, ordering bacon and eggs and tweaking meals. They also gave me cheese and crackers for a nighttime snack. I managed to stay off the sliding scale by drinking lots of water and literally running up and down the four flights of stairs in maternity block ?
The night before my c-section I fasted from 10pm with no water after 6 am. I arrived at hospital at 8 am and was told I was first on list unless an emergency came in.I was taken down to theatre at 10 am. It was all very calm and my amazing consultant, who had been with me through all my losses delivered Otto at 10:22 am weighing 7lb 11oz  I can honestly say it was a really positive experience and somewhat easier than my vaginal births. I had harvested colostrum before the birth and this really helped Otto’s blood sugar levels to stay stable. I went home the next day around lunchtime.
The recovery was actually a lot better than I thought it would be and I was back to my normal self after about three/four weeks.
I was so worried about having a c-section after having three children naturally but it turned out to be a really positive experience and to finally hold my little rainbow sugar baby was amazing ~ Nicola 


I went into hospital on the 13th June after a scan showed no fluid around baby. I had 2 lots of steroid injections over 24 hours (very painful). I wasn’t put on a sliding scales but I did have 2 hypos whilst in. I had my planned section on the 15th. I was first to go down and the whole experience was pleasant. I was kept in ’til the 17th when I got out at lunch time. My baby weighed 6lb8 and I had her at 37+5 ~ Natalie


My first GD pregnancy – twins! Due 14/07/2015 but arrived on 16/06/2015 by planned section. I was diagnosed with GD at 32 weeks and stayed diet controlled for the 4 weeks until my babies were born at 36 weeks. I had steroids a few days before my babies were born & didn’t need a sliding scale for this as BS stayed stable. I ended up having a c section not due to GD or twins but the fact that the placenta for twin 1 (my little girl) was low lying & hadn’t moved my entire pregnancy & to have a natural delivery would be dangerous. I had to fast from the night before & was first on the high risk list for planned sections the Tuesday morning – because of GD, placenta, twins & preeclampsia (I had one of everything during that pregnancy). I didn’t have a sliding scale or anything just a few sips of water on the morning of my section I checked my fasting bloods and that was it. I did however end up losing over 2.5litres of blood, have 5 transfusions, 2 lots of plasma & a 3-4 hour wait in recovery afterwards. I had a pretty rough time but none of it was due to GD. 
Roll forward to this year when I had my singleton. I was diagnosed at 25 weeks having had glucose in my urine from 14 weeks ish & home testing which confirmed I had GD – although I failed my fasting bloods on the GTT this time & the midwife who had my results said that my fasting level looked like an error and they wanted me to retake my GTT – fasting GTT was 7.8 then post glucose was much lower. I referred to th NICE guidelines & had to push for a referral to the GD clinic, the midwife said that they’d refuse my referral as it was just the fasting bloods that were abnormal – I obviously didn’t get refused the referral and within a week ended up on metformin. The metformin didn’t help my fasting levels & I found I couldn’t tolerate anymore than one metformin tablet without spending the entire night awake with an upset stomach so it was time for insulin. I was started on 2 units of humilin I and told to increase by 2 every few days if levels weren’t coming down. I ended up on about 22 units at night until I had my baby at 39 + 1. I had a fairly uncomplicated pregnancy in comparison to the twin pregnancy, however at 38 + 2 I had reduced movements – I went to triage to be assessed they did a CTG & as I had 30 movements within the hour they were happy, I said that still wasn’t “normal” for my baby as from 14 weeks when I first felt him move I had constant movement so just having half hour-hour of activity was still wrong. Due to the GD and me pushing for extra monitoring they scanned me the following day – he hadn’t grown a single millimetre since my previous growth scan 4 weeks earlier & at that point they said he was safer out than in & wanted to induce me! They referred to the consultant I had when pregnant with my twins she said no to being induced due to the previous c section & I was then put in for the next high risk slot – the following Wednesday at 39+1 I had to fast from breakfast that day which had to be eaten at 6am – I had scrambled egg & a sandwich thin & I was first on the afternoon appointment. Again no sliding scale & I checked my bloods regularly. They were supposed to do a sliding scale but I was quite happy without the cannula in my arm until I went to theatre. Before going down for my section my bloods were 4.2 so only just above a hypo! Section went fine no complications this time aside from a cyst being found on my left ovary which the surgeon removed & showed me – GROSS! I had to have some glucose after my section as my bloods had gone low despite no longer having GD – I was starving and ate 5 white chocolate cookies when I got wheeled out of recovery! Haha. They did a few checks on my blood sugars even though I explained they will be all over because of hormones & GD is only whilst pregnant however me & baby had Norma BS when they checked. I did have to tell them to check babies BS though as they hadn’t by about 6 hours post birth then they said oh we need 3 hours between feeds – baby is EBF & he fed every 30 mins for the first 24 hours which I think is why his BS stayed so stable ~ Jasmine


My GD was diet controlled only, I had a very high heart rate throughout the pregnancy. I measured 7 weeks ahead throughout full pregnancy basically and at 33 weeks I was diagnosed with GD so I had a planned c-section due to all of the above at 37weeks. I was took 1st due to the GD and I was a bag of nerves. I had never had any surgery, but it was such a wonderful relaxed experience, the whole thing took about 45mins. Eliza was born within 5 mins and she was 8lbs 14oz at 37+5. Eliza got giving to my fiancé and they sat next to me whilst I got stitched up then after I was sorted I got to hold her. Their growth scans etc were all correct. After I was stitched up and in recovery my blood sugar dropped to 1.8 and my blood pressure went very low and I was being sick a lot but after dose of anti-sickness meds that calmed down. My blood sugar levels went up to 2.8 after 2 bottles of Lucozade so that wasn’t any good, so I had to keep taking it then later on that night they went normal. But my recovery was great. I was up walking about 8 hours after. was discharged on day 2, and 6 weeks after I felt back to normal. It was nothing I’d imagine and I would do it all again ~ Zoey


I had a planned section at 40+3. I was diagnosed with GD at 31 weeks after a growth scan picked up fluid levels on the high side of normal. Previous to this I had not been tested for GD as I had none of the risk factors. I remained diet controlled throughout. My team were happy with my levels week to week so were ok with me going past 40 weeks. I had scans every 2 weeks to keep a check on growth, placenta and fluid levels. When I went in at 40+1, my fluid levels had greatly increased with an AFI of almost 30 and the deepest pocket measuring over 10cm. I was booked in for earliest section time which was 2 days later .
I had to fast from midnight the night before. The midwife I met suggested I eat something high in protein and high in fat as close to 12 as I could. The morning of I was in for 7:30. Due to the GD I was first on the list so was in theatre by 9am. My sugar levels were checked twice before I went down but were in the 4s so there was no cause for concern or need to put me on a sliding scale. The GD didn’t really impact anything in theatre itself. Charlotte was born a very healthy 7lbs6oz at 40+3. Baby was fed within 30 mins of being born and she passed all her sugars first time without need for the colostrum I had harvested antenatally ~ Nikki


Was testing from first trimester due to two previous GD pregnancies. Insulin from around week 20. Baby measuring on the 95 percentile!! Planned C section at 38+5 weeks due to previous C section births. From week 36 sugar levels started to level out and I started having hypos. I also started to have strong tightening. At exactly weeks 38 I telephoned my team to advise of reduced movement and hypos. I was told to go to delivery suite to be monitored. Tightenings were showing up strong and regular on the monitor which is a concern for a lady with previous section scar and scheduled future C Section as the scar can rupture due to the uterus contracting. They wanted to take the baby out straight away but due to eating a sandwich due to a hypo when I entered the hospital I had to wait 6 hours  – they decided this was the safest plan for both me and baby . 
I was nervous for the C Section but the midwives and theatre staff put me at ease and even gave me gas and air at my leisure for nerves!! Once my spinal was inserted which was a little uncomfortable but pain free , my husband could enter the theatre. We laughed and joked through the procedure it was very calm and my son was born 20 mins later. I felt no pain whatsoever. Baby was placed on my chest straight away for skin to skin. My 95 percentile baby weighed a healthy 7lb 8 so not big at all. Sugar levels perfect and healthy ~ Susan


2nd pregnancy, diagnosed with GD after my GTT at 28 weeks. Diet controlled the whole time. Planned c-section at 38 weeks due to developing OC and previous CS after failed induction. Baby weighed 7lb 9oz with stable blood sugars. Amazingly positive experience, I was in hospital 24 hours, didn’t need pain relief after day 4. Out and about on day 5 (gently). My husband took 2 weeks paternity and I was comfortable with him going back when he did – even with a 2 year old to look after at the same time ~ Kirsty


I’ve had two planned sections, I had GD both times controlled by metformin and insulin. My first was because my son was breech. I had an ECV to try and turn the baby but unfortunately it didn’t work so I had steroids a week before the section, staying in hospital 2 nights for them. I fasted from midnight the night before and was thd first on the list. Unfortunately there was an emergency section so I didn’t go down until a bit later. I kept an eye on my sugars and they were stable so didn’t need a sliding scale. My son was born at 12.54. He failed his first two lots of sugars and had formula top ups and passed all the following sugars. He was born at 38+2 weighing 8lb6oz. We went home 48 hours after the section. I choose a section over induction for my second GD pregnancy. I discovered this website with this pregnancy and my sugars were a lot better but I still had insulin and metformin. My daughter was also born at 38+2. I had steroids the week before and was in hospital 2 nights again. I wad first on the list again and my daughter was born at 11.28am. No sliding scale needed. She passed her sugars first time and we went home 24 hours after the section. She was 7lb2oz ~ Sarah


Diagnosed at 30wks and diet controlled. Had elective c section at 39wks. I’d had 2 previous non GD pregnancies which had resulted in emergency c sections (foetal distress) 2nd baby was 9lb 3oz and head was stuck. Therefore had a tricky emergency c section resulting in tearing of the incision so the risks of rupture were high this time. She was born calmly (6lb 12oz) and I had a brilliant operation and recovery. Her sugars were spot on and I didn’t need the colostrum I had spent 2wks religiously harvesting each night. Perfect experience, perfect baby ~ Wendy


I had a planned c-section at 39wks. At first I was told due to GD I would have it at 37weeks, and would need steroids for 48hrs prior but because I kept my levels stable throughout my whole pregnancy my consultant was happy for me to go till 39wks. I was booked in for Monday 3rd April and was told to be at the hospital for 7am. I wasn’t allowed to eat after 10pm on the Sunday night and no drinking after 6am that morning. There was 3 of us going in that morning, 2 of us had GD but I went second as the other lady had had difficulty with her levels. I was taken down at 10.15 to have my epidural, I was extremely nervous and was crying and shaking all the way down to theatre but my team were so lovely and put me at ease completely. 10 mins after my injection I was numb from my chest down and they began surgery. I know I wasn’t meant to feel anything but I was shocked by how numb I was…stupid I know! I had to ask if they had started yet! Logan was born at 11.29am without any complications whatsoever. I was given a meal and drink as soon as I came back from surgery. Logan’s sugars were checked 4 times, and I had to have 5 good levels so I wasn’t allowed too many naughty treats. I was discharged on the Wednesday ~ Sophie


I was diagnosed with GD at 28 weeks and was diet controlled throughout, although I only had to manage this for 4 weeks as my twins arrived early at 32 weeks gestation via emergency c section. Oscar weighed 3lb8 and Imogen weighed 3lb1. 
The actual procedure itself was a very positive experience for me, even though the build up was very rushed and quite traumatic. 
I went into hospital at 3am on July 16th as I had been experiencing mild cramping sensations (I was 32 weeks at this point, had gone into labour at 30 weeks which was controlled with drugs but was told to come back if any signs at all as was very high risk for early delivery now). Midwife on duty was adamant I was not in labour but due to my blood pressure being higher than normal doctor wanted to keep me in until the next day for observations. The cramps continued but were very irregular, midwife assured me this was just my babies moving and nothing to worry about. The doctor saw me again mid morning and said I could go home in a few hours if blood pressure ok. At 1pm these “cramps” became very painful, I told a midwife again I was in labour and she said I wasn’t but I still text my partner to come to the hospital. 1.30pm the midwife is saying these pains could be a UTI! By 2pm the cramps were coming thick and fast and I begged the midwife to examine me, she wasn’t allowed as I was less than 37 weeks gestation so she called a doctor. He arrived at 3pm but by now I was screaming the ward down in agony. He examined me and shouted “we are going to theatre!”. It turns out I was fully dilated and the doctor could feel the feet coming out. He was excellent and pushed me in bed (running!) to theatre. We arrived at theatre to an unsuspecting crowd (lol) who jumped on the case and got me set up. I had a spinal block (which was fine, didn’t hurt and started to work almost instantly) the c section started at 3.40pm and Oscar was born at 3.45pm followed by Imogen at 3.47pm. There was no pain at all but be prepared for feeling your body move around quite vigorously as they quickly delivery the baby/babies. It was very intense in the run up because the situation was life threatening for my babies who were both breech, but as soon as they were out everyone in theatre became very relaxed. There were 15 medical staff there so don’t be alarmed by lots of people in the room. I didn’t get to see the babies until 9pm as they were being treated in special care (and still are 4 weeks later). Their blood sugars were fine.
My advice is to be very firm with the midwives if you think you are in labour. Had they listened to me I wouldn’t have been in the situation where the c section was such a rushed emergency. Be strong ladies, it was my first pregnancy and I thought the midwives knew best but in actual fact I was right all along. Moral of the story – trust your gut instinct, you know your body best! ~ Kelly


I had a pretty nasty first birth experience so I knew as soon as I got pregnant this time I would ask for a planned c section. I found out at 19 week that I had gd and was able to stay diet controlled. At 39 weeks I went in to the hospital at 9 in the morning and was quickly taken to a birthing suite where I changed into my surgical gown and my husband put on scrubs. We were visited by all who would be involved in the surgery and then they all came in together to discuss the surgery plan. I walked through to the operating room and had my spinal administered. It took a while to get the needle in the right place due to my extra weight and a tattoo on my back which is off-center and put them off! Lol. I had a cannula in my hand to administer fluids and anti nausea meds if required. I had a blood pressure monitor attached. Once the spinal kicked in they began. It was over very quickly and calmly and my daughter was born weighing 7 pounds 7 ozs. I was able to hold her straight away and then she and my husband went back to the birthing suite while they stitched me up. I attempted breastfeeding and all went well until she had her first heel prick to test her blood sugars. She cried so much that she refused to feed and continued to refuse the breast for our whole stay in hospital. I recovered quickly from the surgery and was up and about after one day . We came home after 3 days where I continued to pump milk for 2 weeks before opting for exclusive bottle feeding with formula. I have heard of a few women who struggle to breast feed after a c section for many reasons (milk not coming in as quick, difficult to get into comfortable feeding position etc) but I have also heard of lots who breast feed successfully ~ Lynsey


I was booked in for my c section at 38 weeks. Was told I’d most likely be first on the list. Arrived at hospital and was checked over by a midwife who asked about my steroid injections…I had not been given any steroid injections and therefore could not have the csection on my planned day as they then needed to give me the steroids ? obviously this was an oversight on their part, so they allowed me to stay in a private room. I was soon put on the sliding scale and my levels were checked every hour. During the night this was rather annoying! I was first on the list the next morning and went down to theatre at 9.45, had my little boy at 10.58. Apart from the initial mess up, it was a very relaxing experience, especially compared to the emergency section I’d had previously with my little girl!  …Regarding food, as I wasn’t planning on eating I didn’t have much GD friendly snacks with me, so my mum brought in supplies for me. Food at the hospital was tricky! ~ Kim 


I had a planned c section at 39+2. I was in hospital due to baby being any way but head down. Dr was also concerned baby was going to be on the larger side as I had previously had 8lb 13 and 10lb 12.5 babies. I was due to have my c section 39+3 but dr decided on his rounds (after my breakfast !) that it would be that day when I was 39+2. No medical reason he just decided that was a good day. I didn’t go for the section until around 2:30 in the afternoon. I was diet controlled throughout my pregnancy. I missed lunch obviously but then felt light headed. They checked my sugars and they were quite low. They gave me a glucose drip to bring them up to a better level before surgery. Surgery went well. I didn’t need any of the colostrum I’d harvested as babies sugars were fine. Breastfeeding also established really well. Baby weighed 8lb 6 so not big at all ~ Helen


I was diagnosed at 26weeks an was in metformin 3 times a day, I went in for an induction at 39 weeks, nothing had been flagged up on my scan.  I was examined to start induction, baby’s head was in the correct position, midwife went away to get the pessary on trying to insert it she checked again and LO wasn’t engaged.  Within 10mins, the consultant came and checked and manipulated him into the correct position and in the time of her turning around to get the scanner he had moved out of position again, therefore the only option  was a section the next day.  All this was due to the amount of fluid he was in.  I couldn’t go home as I was classed as high risk with him being at the wrong position, I really didn’t want a c-section, but in the end had a c-section planned for the next day as advised it was the safest option. I had to fast from midnight, so was advised just before midnight have something to eat. I was first down due to having GD and had a lovely experience, the team were fab it was nice and relaxed and got my baby here safely ~ Kirsty 


I had a planned c section at 39 weeks. I had a failed induction with my first which resulted in an emergency c section (I didn’t have GD in that pregnancy) so I expressed my views very early on to have a planned c section. I was then diagnosed at 28 weeks with GD and my mind was definitely made up to have a planned c section then. I had low platelets throughout my pregnancy so the day before I had to go and have my blood taken and was given anti-acid tablets to take the night before and in the morning. I was nil by mouth food wise from 8pm the night before and only allowed to drink water until 7am the next morning. I had to be at the hospital for 7:30am and was first on the list due to GD. Unfortunately my platelet count was still low from the day before so I had to have my blood taken again which took awhile to get the results back. It then meant emergencies arose and obviously they take priority. I took my testing kit with me and at one point my sugar was in the low 2 range so I was allowed to drink an oasis but nothing to eat. I eventually went down to theatre at 4pm, my daughter weighed 7lb so not big at all considering and I managed to stay diet controlled throughout my pregnancy. This c section was lovely compared to my emergency c section. I walked into theatre and got onto the bed myself, everyone introduced themselves and shook my hand. I was asked if I wanted the radio on or off (I asked for it to be on). Afterwards they gave me some orange juice to drink once I was back on the ward but having gone so long without anything to eat it was a bit too strong for my stomach to take and I bought it all back up. I managed to eat small bits of toast in the evening and the next day managed to eat all meals without any problems. As I had my testing kit on me I was asked to test my blood after each meal for 24 hours, amazingly my levels were completely within normal range, even after eating a bowl of cereal and jam on toast for breakfast ~ Melissa


Diagnosed at 29 weeks, diet control didn’t work out so ended up on the max dose of metformin morning and night. Scans showed baby was growing well but slightly big. At 35 weeks I was taken into hospital with high blood pressure and the decision was to induce me early, had the steroids and sliding scale whilst in hospital in preparation for baby to come at 36 weeks. When I arrived to be induced there were no beds on special care so I was sent home. The consultant was concerned that the baby was going to be to big for me to give birth naturally (previous EMCS and big baby) so decided that an ELCS was the best way forward. My next scan showed baby hadn’t grown and baby needed to come out, I was re-admitted to hospital due to sickness and on release was given my section date. Had to have blood pressure monitored over the weekend and my ELCS went ahead in the Monday at 38+3. Apart from my bad memories from my EMCS meaning I was in tears in the theatre the section went well and Cameron was born safe and well with perfect blood sugar weighing 8lbs 14oz. I was up and mobilising the following morning and discharged on the Thursday due to my pesky blood pressure still acting up. The extra plus side to GD was I had lost almost 2 stone from the weight I was when I got pregnant! ~ Catherine


My GD was diagnosed at 32 weeks and treated with novorapid insulin with meals. My little girl was breech and a c section was booked in for 38 weeks. However at 37+2 my waters broke and she was still breech and her head stuck under my ribs. My c section become an emergency one. She was born weighing exactly 5 pounds ~ Laura 


Second time GD (first undiagnosed) diagnosed at 14 weeks, straight onto metformin which was increased over next two weeks, then onto insulin. Elcs (had other complications not related to GD so he was born at 38 weeks) which was amazing compared to emergency one! Such a calm experience, the spinal worked successfully (not like my last epidural) it felt like a lot longer to wait during the op as last time was emergency so was quick! This time they paid more care 🙂 a lot of tugging and I was worried they’d cut me higher up (that’s how it felt but they hadn’t!!) then he came out crying as soon as his head popped out! Q the tears! 
6lb 9oz. Blood sugars all fine and home eve after, slight Jaundice which has now resolved ~ Natatsha


Diagnosed around 26 weeks (first pregnancy) and went straight on to metformin. Then progressed to insulin for fasting and rapid insulin after meals. Was due for a sweep at 37+6 with induction planned around 39 weeks but on the morning of my sweep, around 8am, while getting ready my waters went. They say it never happens the way it does in films but mine did! Because of GD they didn’t want to let me go the usual 24 hours after waters breaking and so around 9.30pm that night my induction started with gel on my cervix. After about an hour I was contracting every 90 seconds and lasting over a minute so they were becoming concerned about uterine hyper stimulation. They were happy with the baby though and after a couple of hours of this they stopped. They continually monitored me and around 4am i was examined and told I was 5cm and I was put on a syntocin drip. At the same time I asked for an epidural because being on the bed monitored was so hard with the contractions and I felt that if I couldn’t walk about and help myself relieve the pain then I wanted the epidural. This was all done around 5 or 6am. Around 8 they did a ward round and noticed babies heart rate dropping so reduced the drip and came back at the end of the round to do a scratch test. I think it took around an hour of them desperately trying but they could only get one sample which wasn’t enough. Meanwhile babies heart rate was dropping to 40/50bpm with every contraction. As 4/5 drs were trying to get the scratch test the consultant was at the monitor end and very quietly told the midwife to turn the drip off and calmly told me there was no more time and my baby needed to come out now. It all then happened very very quickly with lots of people in the room but at the same time it was very calm, business like! (Although I remember her coming in and shouting at them to get a move on!). My beautiful boy was 7lb3oz born at exactly 38 weeks via emcs. Due to my epidural they topped it up to a spinal and I didn’t need a general. From making the call my baby was out 20 minutes later, and the NHS staff were just incredible! ~ Cara


2nd pregnancy, 2nd GD diagnoses. Diagnosed at 28 weeks, stayed diet controlled through out and baby was born via planned section under General aesthetic at 39 weeks weighing 6lb12oz The downside of being under a general is Daddy gets 1st hugs! ~ Zoe


I chose to have an elective c section with Ariah, my second child, after a traumatic birth with my firstborn which resulted in an emergency section. I was diagnosed with GD around 34 weeks pregnant. I had the first GTT test at 28 weeks which was negative. However, a few weeks of reduced movement followed and extra scans showed that my baby’s growth had rocketed which promoted them retest me. At 34 weeks the test was positive this time. I successfully controlled it with diet until 37 weeks when I needed metformin to control my morning sugars. My diabetic midwife in all honesty wasn’t great. She was very forthcoming with help or information and didn’t take my concerns seriously. She told me if I wished to be induced it was ok to happen at 37 weeks but if I wanted an elective section the earliest would be 39 weeks. The reason for this was I would need the steroid injection if the section was any earlier and it would make my blood sugar rise. I still opted for the section. If memory serves i was due at the ward for 0700 on the morning and it was nil by mouth from midnight. I was advised I would be first unless they had an emergency. There was 3 other women on the ward due to have sections. Another lady was ahead of me due to complications with her baby’s heart bless her. I went down about 1030 and Ariah was out at 1106. She weighed 8lb 15oz at 39 weeks exactly. In my hospital the protocol was to test her sugars every 3 hours for 24 hours. I cannot remember the cut off number unfortunately but she passed them all although the final reading was literally one figure away from being not ok. I breastfeed and she was very sleepy after birth but she needed the feeds to keep her sugars up. So I was waking her every 2 hours for feeding, sometimes it worked! I was free to not test and eat what I wanted. I was discharged the following day in the evening. Overall it was a positive experience ~ Lauren


I was booked in to have a planned c-section with my son Enzo at 39 weeks due to 2 previous c-sections, they told me I would be the first to go down unless there were any emergencies or a lady who had GD and was on medication as I was diet controlled. I found out I had GD at 28 weeks, didn’t have it in my other 2 pregnancies. I went into labour early so had 1 steroid injection but didn’t have time for the 2nd, I had my emergency c-section at 37+6, no issues after and Enzo passed all his sugars. They tested him every 3 hours for 24 hours and we were discharged the day after  ~ Ashlie


I had an em sec with baby one, successful spontaneous VBAC with second, both non GD babies. Third baby – team agreed to allow me to go to 41 weeks to allow for spontaneous labour again, but nothing happened so they booked induction at 41 weeks. They couldn’t start me on that day, the following day I decided to opt for planned section as the risks of induction following a previous section were scaring me. I had to wait 48hrs to be fitted in. Fasted from midnight, and then had to have three bags of fluid throughout the day to keep me hydrated. Into theatre at 7pm finally!! Sugars had all been stable. My Son was born at 7.17pm. I then bled and bled and code red emergency was called and blood on stand by for transfusion! Thankfully not needed and an hour later we were in recovery. Came home 2 days later. Diet controlled throughout and sugars always within range. Baby passed all his sugars. All fine now ~ Clare


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