Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi!

For 2020 Chinese New Year we are celebrating the year of the rat!

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Guest post: written by Elizabeth Cheung-O’Regan for Gestational Diabetes UK, fellow GD Mumma and GD UK Advisor in our Facebook support group

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes on Chinese New Years Day and it was a big shock and upset me as Chinese New Year is like Christmas or Thanksgiving. It’s all to do with family and eating!
I missed out on my family meal as I had no idea what I could eat or not, I had no idea on food pairing and the 8 golden rules back then.

Many will celebrate Chinese New Year this year (which falls on Saturday 25th January) with gestational diabetes and since learning about how best to help control blood sugar levels with gestational diabetes through my own pregnancy, I’ve found my TOP recipes to share with you which you can try for Chinese New Year (or just for a change to your day to day meals).

If you can’t tolerate takeaways then these are also some great alternatives: –

*Please note you need to substitute the following foods to make the recipe tolerable for gestational diabetes:

  • White flour for wholemeal flour
  • Sugar for sweetener
  • Jasmine rice for Basmati/brown wholegrain or cauliflower rice

Click on the titles below for links to the recipes…

Bill’s recipe from The Woks of Life, Fried Chicken Wings, Chinese Takeout Style

Yuk Sung

Ching-He Huang’s Chicken and Cashew Nut

Ching-He Huang’s spiced beef stir-fry

Gok Wan’s spicy stir-fried prawns with cashew nuts

This is a spicy alternative to the chicken and cashew nuts

Firecracker prawns with stir-fried greens

Ken Hom’s Steamed salmon in the microwave

Steamed salmon

Christine’s Recipes, Stir Fried Prawns with Eggs

Ching-He Huang’s Beef and Oyster Sauce

My all-time favourite and similar to the one my mum makes at Chinese New Year! You can add some Chinese veg like Pak Choi or Choi Sum – if you can’t get any, then spinach and broccoli is always very tasty too.

Christine’s Recipes, Beef Stir Fry with Mustard Sauce

Ching-He Huang’s Spicy tofu and edamame beans

This is a great one for vegetarians for a main or can be a side veggie dish – it’s very filling because of the tofu, and super tasty!

Gok Wan’s Vietnamese-style leftover chicken salad

And this is a great to make and have as left over lunch! Use left-over roast chicken from your Sunday roast.

Christine Bailey’s Low Sugar Sweet & Sour Sauce

One of the trickiest sauces to tolerate with gestational diabetes, you will still need to do some tweaking with this low sugar version. Omit the high sugar pineapple and use peppers (and you could even add apple instead!… It works!)

Chinese fried cauliflower rice

And no Chinese meal can be complete without fried rice so here is one which is GD friendly and tasty!!

Happy Chinese New Year – Enjoy everyone!


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