Constipation and pregnancy

Unfortunately constipation can be a common problem during pregnancy and so how can you remedy this problem when you have gestational diabetes?



 Remedies to try that should not raise blood sugar levels


  • Ensure you are drinking plenty
  • Increase the amount of green leafy vegetables in your diet
  • Add flaxseed into your diet – add it on top of Greek yoghurt
  • One cup of hot water and lemon
  • One cup of coffee in the mornings – filter coffee is great, but stay within your caffeine amounts for the day
  • Raise your feet onto a stool when going to the toilet
  • Laxatives – if natural remedies are not working then make an appointment with your GP to get a prescription for laxatives which are suitable for use during pregnancy. Commonly prescribed laxatives are Fybogel, Movicol and lastly Lactulose.lactulose

Lactulose contains sugars, galactose and fructose. It is not digested in the intestine like other sugars. It reaches the colon where bacteria digest it and thereby alter the composition of the stool. Therefore, the absorption of sugars is minimal and should not have significant impact on blood sugar levels. This is why lactulose is safe for diabetics to use.



Things to avoid – all these things will cause high blood sugar levels


  • Prunes or prune juice
  • Dried fruits; figs, apricots, dates, raisins e.t.c
  • Fruit juices
  • Weetabix, All bran e.t.c
  • Molasses or sugared water