Feedback from our survey

feedback Gestational Diabetes UKThese feedback comments have been collated through a survey we are running for mothers who have had gestational diabetes pregnancies.

Thank you to those that have taken the time to fill out our survey already.

We are collating this information to use on this website to help mothers diagnosed with gestational diabetes.


The good, the bad and the downright ugly

feedback good, bad and uglyThe feedback comments below contain everything as I feel it’s important to share everyone’s views, therefore there are some comments from those that were not happy with the support or information shared in the Facebook group and from members which were removed from the group for breeching our Facebook group rules.

The comments contain the honest feedback comments from anyone who chose to leave additional comments. They include both positive and negative comments aimed towards this website and closed Facebook support group, Gestational Diabetes UK Mums.

The survey is still open

The survey is still collating data and so please feel free to fill it in if you haven’t already for each gestational diabetes pregnancy. All data will be used on this website to hopefully help mothers diagnosed with gestational diabetes for years to come.

The feedback comments…

Thank you so much. You were amazing and without your help, I would’ve ended up on medication as I was following hospital advice.
The Facebook page was a life saver for me, hospital weren’t very helpful
The Facebook group was a wonderful support
Amazing support and advice throughout pregnancy
I found the Facebook group incredibly helpful and it was nice to hear how other mums to be we’re getting on.
GD UK Mums Facebook group was a lifeline – I successfully controlled my diabetes with diet, and was allowed to go to 40+5 until induction and baby was born on 40+6. I attempted breastfeeding, had harvested colostrum but due to a low (but not below the limit) blood sugar my baby was taken away from me and formula fed by a nurse. This robbed me of my chance to breastfeed. I was also given blood glucose tablets in labour – I did test after 15 mins as was worried about a huge spike, but 15 mins and 60 mins tests were OK. Worried about what happened in between … But was told by midwife to eat it, and in my drugged state I took it!
Amazing advice given by Jo and the rest of the admins in the closed Facebook group! Those and the other ladies in the group were helpful throughout my pregnancy much more so then my diabetic team at the hospital I was attending!
Wouldn’t of stayed diet controlled if I hadn’t found the group on FB as diet plan from hospital was completely different.
My bloods continued to be high with the advice from the hospital, then I discovered gestational diabetes UK on Facebook. I couldn’t have got through it with out the help and advice from this page.
Wouldn’t of had such a healthy baby if it wasn’t for the Facebook page x
The Facebook helped me stay diet controlled I am so grateful.
The dietary advice and information provided by diabetes UK meant both myself and my baby were healthy and safe and I was able to spot complications and prevent them getting worse. Thank you
I honestly believe you should be rewarded in a MASSIVE way Jo and that hospitals all over he world should be directing all pregnant ladies with GD to your website (wasn’t there when I was pregnant) your Facebook page is amazing and I honestly believe YOU HAVE saved so many babies lives by educating us all. The different trusts should seriously pay you a fortune to travel the world and educate hospital staff. You’re AMAZING and I can’t thank you enough xx
Would not have been able to have got through pregnancy diet controlled if wasn’t for this group as the hospital info made levels go up and we’re not correct for GD
The Facebook support group was a huge help to me in my second pregnancy and I was able to control it completely by diet. My first pregnancy resulted in taking metformin while following guidelines from my hospital team so this showed the difference.
If it wasn’t for the group I wouldn’t have given birth to a healthy baby
My waters went spontaneously, but was induced as contractions didn’t start and I was also GBS positive, drip went in, contractions started immediately and she was born under 2 hours later. I found the group very helpful at first, but I got removed because I was also a member in a different group, which I thought was very unfair and extremely unhelpful.
The support group is immeasurable as to how much it helped. Even just for a rant it was great to be supported by people going through the same things. The diet advice and food pairing never failed me!! The only reason I didn’t sign up for membership is because I was just over a week to induction and felt I had learned enough over the 11 weeks since diagnosis to get by – which I did.
A life saver
I couldn’t have gotten through without the support and advice of Facebook page
Could not have got through it without advice from this page
Absolutely fabulous advice on diet etc….put my fears at bay and helped me have a lovely 9lb baby boy
These answers refer to my 1st pregnancy in 2012. Now on 2nd GD pregnancy and find the Facebook page and website here amazing. So much support. Well done. Wish you were around at my first pregnancy.
Did not have membership as for most of my pregnancy group files were still in place. I will have membership should there be a next time though
Amazing group you should be very proud xxx
Don’t understand why ‘experts’ give us diet advice that gives us high numbers! Thank goodness for the advice in this group.
Being an original member of the group it’s been amazing to see this group grow and the diet expand and work. Can’t wait till next pregnancy x
fantastic advice given throughout my pregnancy
I used the FB group which helped me stay diet controlled if it wasn’t for that group I most certainly would have ended up on medication following the hospital diet !! I was also having twins which made me more of a risk of having GD … I tested myself for two weeks after six weeks of giving birth as my doctors would not give me a follow up test …
The gestational diabetes UK Mums group on Facebook was a lifeline to me. Without it and the research that has gone into understanding GD, I wouldn’t have been as in control of my diabetes as I could have been. I was still on metformin and insulin, but I know for a fact my insulin doses would have been a lot bigger if I had followed the hospital diet that was set out for me.
A website and support group I will share with anyone who has, might have or knows of someone with GD as its invaluable!
My hospital and care were excellent however I would not have managed my diabetes as well if left to follow dietary advice of my hospital. The Facebook page was invaluable to me.
Without the support of Gestational Diabetes UK Facebook page I believe I would of had very out of control blood sugars and a poorly babe. Thanks to this page I managed my numbers through diet and exercise
I have based my answers on a mix of both my pregnancies 1 in 2013 when I did not know about the support website and ended up on insulin and 2nd I managed with diet due to the support of the group.
the GD website was an invaluable support tool in light of the poor dietary advice offered by my NHS Trust. Am still following GD diet following T2 diagnosis.
I had great support from the group a nice bunch of ladies who was going through the same thing as me! If I hadn’t found the group by chance I don’t know what my pregnancy would have been like without the help and support that the group gave me!!! I’m pregnant again but I’ve had 2 GTT tests and both came back clear but I’ve had a growth scan lately and they are saying that baby’s head is large for 32 weeks!! Seeing my consultant at the end of the week, it looks like I might have to re test again!!!!
Excellent help
The GD UK FB page (and when launched, the website) was a huge source of information and support. I am convinced that I would have required medication had it not been for the group. I am eternally grateful for the support I received and have a happy, healthy 5 month old boy.
The Facebook group was a massive support especially the admin ladies. They helped me stay diet controlled throughout my pregnancy.
The website and support of the Facebook page is exceptional.
This fb page has been an amazing help to me and I think is what kept me diet controlled for just over 12 weeks! I have to say a particular thank you to Elizabeth for her continued support even since I have had my beautiful baby boy! I haven’t met a nicer bunch of people and will continue to be apart of the group 🙂
I used the Facebook group. I found it absolutely brilliant for help and advice, whether from admin or other mums and mums to be
The information that’s available on the GD Facebook and website is excellent and helpful with regards to what to eat.
Without this group I would not have controlled by diet as I was not given any information from the hospital apart from the machine. It gave me information about GD good and bad. Also made loads of friends in the same boat. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I would have been lost without the GD Facebook page. Everyone was so helpful and supportive. I felt completely lost and it was over two weeks from finding out I had GD before I saw the dietician and even then the information they gave was terrible.
Amazing resource and although no longer pregnant I still follow on Facebook as it is teaching me so much in relation to GD should I go on to have another GD pregnancy. The professional medical advice was way off the mark in terms of keeping sugars stable!
Found the Facebook website invaluable for guidance and support
Unfortunately I only came across the GD UK FB page towards end of my 3rd GD pregnancy.
The Facebook page wasn’t around in 2013 for my first pregnancy. Had it been launched I would’ve felt so much more supported and less alone coping with the condition. The fact it exists now with my second pregnancy in 2016 has been amazing! I think it needs more publicly though as I stumbled upon it by chance. I really believe the NHS need to publicise it to women being managed on the GD pathway in hospital and via midwives.
I know for a fact that had I followed hospital dietary advice I would not have been able to remain diet controlled. It was only through Gestational Diabetes UK that I understood my condition and how best to manage it, which led to the best possible outcome for me and my baby. Thank you!
The GDUK Facebook page was amazing. I don’t know how I would have coped without it.
I wouldn’t of controlled my GD without the support of the Facebook group, the support from everyone was amazing. All dietary information from the hospital was aimed at type 2 diabetes.
The Facebook page helped me loads when I first got diagnosed I felt lost. After this group was recommended to me everything seemed that bit easier.
I did feel the Facebook group helped but at times I did feel that admin were too dictatorial when people asked questions or made comments about their actions eg. They’d fallen off the sugar wagon.
Unfortunately I did not discover your page until just before my induction. I did not have chance to follow the dietary advice, however, if I had, I would have followed it to a T as the advice from the hospital was useless.
The Gestational Diabetes UK Facebook page was an absolute god send to me. I would recommend it to anyone with GD and so should all hospitals. I just wish that every NHS Trust sang from the same hymn sheet as the advice (or lack of) that some fellow GD ladies received was absolutely shocking. I was lucky – my diabetic team were awesome but I still relied heavily on the GD UK team.
The membership website wasn’t set up during my pregnancy. If it had of been I would have joined. Excellent information and support from the Facebook group.
The UK gestational mums Facebook page was an absolute godsend – I found it much more helpful & informative than the hospital!
Found some of the stories frightened me
I had PCOS. Horrendous pregnancy. Gained 6 stones. Awful delivery. 2nd degree tear. Ill informed.nightmare. My GD baby is now 24 years old.
The FB GD page is amazing. I couldn’t afford membership. Hospitals need to be giving the advice that FB GD does
Only reason I didn’t use the website is that it was launched in my final weeks xx
With regard to weight I had a healthy BMI before pregnancy and only out on 1 stone by the end, which was all baby, placenta and water. I was back at pre pregnancy weight 3 days after the birth.
Facebook page was amazing. My first diabetes baby I didn’t know about the page and he had low blood sugar when he was born, this time I followed the pages advice and blood sugars were perfect xx
The Facebook page helped me more than the hospital did. Things the hospital advised food wise were an absolute no no.
Fabulous advice Jo. I was lucky enough to reach my goal of staying diet controlled thanks to your information and website/group. Forever grateful
Without the Facebook group I would not have known what to eat or have the support I needed to deal with my GD pregnancy. A great community of people aiming towards the same goal.
I wouldn’t of stayed diet controlled with out the Facebook group
Thank you for your hard work and the website and FB page. They are making my second GD pregnancy so much less stressful.
The help and support of this group helped me get through my GD pregnancy
The advice and support from the GD facebook group was invaluable and I really don’t think I would have been diet controlled without it.
My diagnosis came in the form of a letter which I received on a Friday evening. The clinic was closed all weekend and so myself and my husband spent a very worrying couple of days trying to make sense of the diagnosis ourselves. The information I read in all my pregnancy books was incredibly brief, and information gleaned from internet searches was alarming and upsetting and sometimes contradictory. Needless to say, it was a huge relief to find a support group for GD at a time when I had to wait to see a medical professional, had limited access to comprehensive and reliable information, felt terrified, alone and as though it was my fault that my baby was at risk. I was very confused about the condition, what it really meant for me and my baby and how best to move forward. I was still just as confused after my first clinic appointment. The diabetic midwives were helpful but some of the consultants were not very forthcoming about explaining the condition and its treatment in the level of detail I personally needed, in order to alleviate my severe anxiety. We did our own research. The dietician was pleasant and pointed us in the direction of the Carbs and Cals book but offered little in the way of expertise, specific to GD. During my final appointment, one consultant told me that I’d navigated the pitfalls of what food I could tolerate very well (with the help of relatively low dosage insulin) and they were very happy with the scans etc. However, within the space of half an hour another consultant then told me I had to be induced early and there would be absolutely no option for waiting a little longer, with no satisfactory explanation as to why. I was given two very different impressions of the situation I was in. At the time, I did not push them to consider letting me wait a little longer because I was worried I’d be putting my baby at risk but I’m annoyed that I didn’t get a better explanation as to why, if everything looked so good and there were no other complications or concerns, I wasn’t able to give spontaneous labour more of a chance. Subsequently, my experience of being induced was a very, very unpleasant one on many levels, both in terms of physical discomfort, and the truly appalling way both myself and my family were treated on the induction ward. Thankfully, I later had a positive experience on the delivery ward and my baby was delivered by a wonderful midwife. However, I can’t help feeling that those awful few days I spent on the induction ward may have been avoided, had the consultant treated me as an individual and actually assessed the need for induction based on their findings, rather than being led by hospital policy alone.
First baby didn’t know I was diabetic baby had problems after birth next two diet controlled last baby used high dose insulin now I have type2
I am now a member of the gestational diabetes Facebook page and finding it very helpful.
I’d like to thank Jo and all the admins, without the website I’d be lost! The booklet I had from the hospital was rubbish and when I ate some of the recommendations out of there but sugars went over
I am SO glad I was recommended to go to your Facebook/web page. There is NO WAY I would have been able to control my blood sugars without medication if I had followed the NHS advice.
I found the Facebook page a godsend during pregnancy. The website hadn’t yet been created when I was pregnant.
If I had not been a very educated and persistent person who had the support of a very senior midwife who I knew from a previous pregnancy (who advocated for me to the lead consultant) I would not have had the birth I wanted. I had no continuity of care from the consultants (saw a different SHO/ registrar every appointment) I pushed and pushed and was eventually taken seriously and the hospital agreed that considering my low risk factors (small baby, diet controlled, previous precipitous labour) they would deviate from the hospital protocol and agree to a water birth with intermittent monitoring (on the labour ward). I had a wonderful water birth with no complications. Post natal care has been COMPLETELY non existent. My GP did not proactively follow up on testing (I asked for tests and was given them), I have had no discussion with any medical professional about my future risks. I only found out I had a risk of developing diabetes from a woman I met in the park!
My second son was 9lb 12oz at birth nearly 17 years ago. Although I was tested for GD, under the guidelines at the time I was only borderline and therefore wasn’t treated. Under the current NICE guidelines I would have been diagnosed with GD. Fortunately my son suffered no ill effects and I had a very easy labour and delivered with just 2 pushes and a bit of tearing that didn’t require stitching. I now consider myself lucky. I didn’t develop GD with my 3rd and 4th children but have now been diagnosed with my 5th.
I couldn’t of done it without the fb groups advice
The admin staff and women on GD UK mums Facebook page got me through my weeks of diagnosed GD
Thank you so much to Jo and team for all the hard work you put in to researching and providing the correct info regarding gestational diabetes, without it I doubt I’d have managed 27 weeks of diet controlled diabetes!! Thanks again.
Excellent support, I believe I the advice I received from the group enabled me to keep my blood sugars under control and my baby safe 🙂
Amazing website/group. Best advice going. If it wasn’t for this group I’d of struggled! Thank you
Very good site, would definitely recommend to all gestational diabetes moms.
The website & the Facebook group were invaluable to me during the latter stages of my pregnancy & I’m really grateful to everyone!! I’m hoping to be able to continue with some aspects of the diet once I’ve recovered from my surgery so that I can get myself healthier for myself & my family!!
I found the dietary advice incredibly helpful and I am certain that it was the key factor in enabling me to stay diet controlled throughout my pregnancy.
The website and Facebook page is totally amazing and the knowledge and support is without question better than any nutritionist
By following all of the information on the Facebook page ( I was diagnosed before the website was up and running) I managed to stay diet controlled for my while pregnancy
Without the help and advice and support from the UK Facebook group and website I would have had high blood I found this group and the support better than that of the hospital the advice was clear and worked and for that I can not thank you enough my boy was a healthy and average size and I have a much better understanding of foods
Amazing support through Facebook! Website was not up and running till after my baby was born.
Being a member helped me so much during this journey as my hospital diet advice was awful and I would of ended up on insulin if I had followed them. I can’t thank the team enough of Gestational Diabetes UK, esp Jo as they were so supportive. Wonderful group
Thanks for all the help and support I couldn’t of got through it with my sanity intact without you guys.
The dietary advice was a life saver
Although I was never diagnosed as having GD, it was suggested I was high risk so I followed the diet by my own choice and tested my blood sugars. My levels remained in range for the duration of my pregnancy and baby was born with normal blood sugars too.
Nhs Diet advice needs to be looked at. They haven’t got a clue of what GD mums diet need to be. More support with the mums from the mw as I felt like I couldn’t eat anything and it was my fault
Undiagnosed, assumed I had GD after baby suffered breathing difficulties and low blood sugars. Although baby was less than 10lb he was 2lb4 more than previous baby and therefore large for me
My blood sugars were well controlled throughout labour thanks to this dietary advice and so I avoided sliding scale which was an important win for me in what was a very medicalised and quite unsettling labour
I wish this site existed in my previous pregnancy. Second time round I’m much better informed.
I had my boy at 33 weeks,I went into spontaneous labour, however, had this not been the case, I had already been given a date to be induced at 38 weeks,so they were going to induce me at 38 weeks because of my GD, but I didn’t need to be in the end. My consultant saw me last at 32 weeks and gave me induction date and didn’t want to see me again because my baby had always been growing steady and followed the same line, with the help of the GD Facebook page (the website did not exist at the time) I managed to stay diet controlled for several weeks and then needed metformin, one in the evening and then later on one in the evening and one in the morning
Excellent group for amazing advice and support.
Initially readings were before a meal and 1hour after however due to being diet controlled told me I could test every other day which I did. But I still kept an eye on what I ate and tested snacks regularly incase I could no longer tolerate them. If I had followed dietary advice set by the hospital I would have ended up on medication to control my GD. You do a fantastic job and this group needs more publicity in my opinion and all GD mums should be referred to you
This Facebook page was an invaluable source of support & information without the scaremongering & misinformation that I received from other sources i.e Babycentre. Couldn’t have done it without you.
Wish this was around when I was pregnant. Since been diagnosed type 2. A friend told me about this site when I was struggling to control my levels, so have found this helpful in that respect
Hospital support and advice was slim to none, the only help and support I got was from Gestational Diabetes UK Facebook page.
Dieticians and midwives should read up on the Facebook site as many women have tried and tested it and works. Not follow what they have said regarding diet as many women me included if followed what they said we could have would result in high numbers
Brilliant help and support. Would not have kept our babies safe without you. Thanks Jo and admin team
The Facebook group for GD were amazing and everyone was so supportive towards me answering and advising me on what to eat and what not to eat and meal and snack ideas.
Thx to gestational diabetes uk I felt this alone allowed me to stay diet controlled kept my weight down. Info support advice recipes everything fantastic if I get pregnant again I will invest in a membership. Thx for all ur work and commitment
I feel that without the group my experience would not have been so positive. The hospital diet advice did not work for me.
I think this website is absolutely invaluable to mum’s with GD I’d wish I knew about it with my first pregnancy! Keep up the good work and thanks
GDUK was more accurate and helpful than the hospital advice.
Fantastic page Jo well done and thanks from Ireland great support and hope I’m supporting others now x
Admins provided brilliant statistics and advice
I was given some very good tips which I’m sure helped.
The website was only launched at the end of my pregnancy otherwise I would have joined. The weight I gained in pregnancy was pretty diagnosis. Once diagnosed and following the diet my weight stayed the same.
I was underweight at my booking in appointment and did not put on weight during my pregnancy. As baby was growing well nobody seemed concerned, but it left me 9lbs lighter after he was born and feeling very weak.
Thanks to this site and advice from members, Jo and admins, I strongly believe that if I had listened to my team and NHS I would have ended up on medication!
Would have been so much harder without the advice from this group
You made my second GD pregnancy much easier, I was not on as much insulin either by following your dietary advice. You guys rock, Thank you!
I was expecting twins & I wouldn’t have managed to diet control without the Facebook group. I gained weight according to my twin pregnancy and was very small to begin with.
I am on my second Gd baby and wish I knew the information that I do now from your page as I could of made much more informed choices. I do not feel I had very good support and clear guidance. I was only diagnosed 1 week ago and thank god I found this page it has been so much help. Thank you xxxx
Without the help, advice, and food ideas of this group I would have been at a loss as the advice from my hospital was inaccurate.
this Facebook group helped me so much when I was pregnant and I don’t think I would have coped without it
The site was a god send as all the dietary advice from the hospital raised my sugars whereas yours lowered them. It was also great comfort having other ladies to either boost your confidence or sympathise with you on a daily basis.
Due my second pregnancy.. I am pleased to find this group, lots of useful information and opportunity to be able to contact with other mums dealing gd.
The advice in the group and on the website was absolutely invaluable, and the support from other mums made the diagnosis a lot more manageable and less scary. Thanks so much Jo!
Fantastic website membership only was created at the end of my pregnancy but will definitely join up if I get pregnant again
The Facebook group was an amazing resource. The advice and support was so valuable and helped to keep my diabetes controlled with minimal medication (fasting levels were my problem). I know if I hadn’t followed the dietary advice on here that would have been very different. Can’t thank everyone enough.
Excellent admin
I found the website and Facebook page more useful than hospital advice
The gestational diabetes Facebook and website were an absolute godsend during my pregnancy. There is so much bad advise going around relating to gd that I wouldn’t have been completely lost without the advice of gestational diabetes uk.
The facebook group was invaluable to me. It was the main source of advice for me.
I found the dietary advice invaluable and found the admin ladies incredibly helpful and friendly
Baby had to pass 2 blood sugar tests after birth not 3. I cannot stress how amazingly informative and helpful the Facebook page and website were in assisting me with controlling my GD. My daughter and I have a lot to thank you for xx
I was non diabetic immediately following the birth of my son however 6months postpartum, I was diagnosed with diabetes
Absolute lifesaver! Couldn’t have done it without you!!
Poor support from hospital and we had to pay for a check on my diabetic status post birth, was not offered to us.
My pregnancy was a long slog and this support group helped me greatly. Thank you. X
The membership section unfortunately was not up when I was pregnant. But the fb group actually I believe saved my baby and my sanity. The hospital advice (when given as they did not have a clue in gd was horrific)
I’m almost definite that, without GD U.K. I wouldn’t have been able to stay diet controlled in my pregnancy. I’m so much more aware of sugar levels in good and am using it to keep myself and my family healthy.
Without a doubt I would have ended up on insulin if I hadn’t found the wonderful advice on the Gestational Diabetes UK Facebook page. Cannot thank Jo enough for all her hard work and research!
Great site which helped through scary time
Jo has done such a fantastic job. Thank you and well done!
If I had not had the information from the website and the support of the Facebook group, my pregnancy would have most definitely been considerably harder and would have resulted in medication to control gd. I felt more informed and more in control post birth and feel like I have had more successes since birth as a result.
The support, ideas and suggestions from the fb page helped me so much.
All my answers are based on my 1st pregnancy.. I did’nt know about the gestational diabetes facebook page then , I’m on my 2nd pregnancy now and find it very helpful!!
Only for this FB page I would be totally lost, in fact I was slimmer after having baby than I was before I conceived him
I harvested colostrum but hospital refused to use it and insisted on 20ml formula top up. Their insistence on checking baby’s blood sugars before a feed which was 20 mins after the previous feed and blood sugar test made little sense to me. The dietary support during my hospital stay was extremely lacking in knowledge for a gd mum and following an argument with the ward sister, I had to choose between being hungry or having my husband drive 40 miles to bring me suitable food. The support of the gduk Facebook page was amazing and I am hugely grateful xx
The diagnosis of diabetes came as a shock and I was quite overwhelmed to start with. The Facebook group was a lifesaver for me and really helped me through the last part of my pregnancy. I struggled most of the way through the rest of my pregnancy but managed to keep my levels down with the support of the hospital and the Facebook group. I was quite upset I couldn’t have a water birth but I do understand the reason why.
I feel that I could not have coped well without the information and support from gestational diabetes UK. The medical teams are definitely lacking in knowledge and ability to offer timely support.
Excellent site, so much support and information ☺
The dietary advice from the facebook group was really helpful, thank you!
I found the comments on the FB page too preachy and people too opinionated.
I think the FB page and website are amazing. I felt so alone and scared when first diagnosed. The support from the FB page was amazing. Without that and the website I definitely would have been on medication straight away. I can’t thank you all enough.
I only wasn’t a member because I’d had my baby by the time it opened. Hospital advice was HORRIFIC. This group saved me physically and definitely emotionally
FB was so much more informative than the hospital. They should be seeking the group for advice
Found the Facebook page support very helpful
Fantastic help with diet ideas..
The Facebook group was an amazing support!!! Much better than the hospital.
When I joined the facebook group it was free helpful advice but soon after changed, became more about buying membership and it’s founder making money. Admins answer most questions about diet by telling them to buy a membership for help.
I would not have been able to remain diet controlled without the support of the website and Facebook group. All advice given by my trust resulted in high BS readings
I followed gestational diabetes on Twitter but it should make you aware of Facebook. However you don’t always want to share the fact that you are pregnant and have gestational diabetes on Facebook (friends see your likes). At the hospital doctors couldn’t really test my sugars before/after birth when induced due to the high sugars in food that the hospital provided. E.g. White roll/butter/jam & cereal & orange juice for break face when taken in for inducement. I asked for something healthier, even a brown roll but nothing available. The diabetes team at the queen Elizabeth hospital in Glasgow was excellent. Fantastic advice and support.
The group and admins are great!
I wish I had found the Facebook group sooner 🙂
Enabled me to keep sane with support from others suffering and to keep my baby healthy.
If I hadn’t been told about this group I would have been unaware of the consequences of GD. Thanks to the Facebook group I managed to control my bloods by following dietary information from admin and other members.
I have found the group and website and great support and the advice I feel has been fundamental to dealing with the GD both practically in terms of diet and food pairing and emotionally
Fantastic resource for GD mum’s lots of friendly advice and support
This group kept me completely sane and on track and I’m forever grateful
I was only on a small amount of insulin 10 units at night riding to 15. This was because I couldn’t tolerate metformin it made me very unwell
Website is a lot more helpful than dieticians advice
The advise was invaluable, I wouldn’t have been anywhere near as controlled if I had only followed hospital advise
brilliant website
The Facebook group and website were invaluable. If I had just gone on hospital advice I would would have been really confused as to why my levels were all over the place!
Brilliant site really helped with all my worries and any advice needed