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Jo Paterson

Hi Claire, sugar free jelly powder will keep the carbs minimal and so shouldn’t impact your blood sugar levels, but NAS (no added sugar) jelly may raise levels. Strawberries can raise levels as they contain fructose (the natural sugars from fruit). That said, berries are pretty well tolerated by many as they are a lower GI option and so depending on your insulin resistance and your personal preference, you may want to go for real food over a processed food like the sugar free or NAS jelly. Both have been used successfully in the past, but if you go for strawberries it may be worthwhile going for a vanilla pod instead of juicing or blitzing them (as this breaks them down even more meaning they are more easily converted into sugar in the bloodstream) and then having thinly sliced strawberries on top. Hope that helps and a few options for you to try!