Gestational Diabetes Mums team up with filmmakers to create ‘GD One Prick At A Time’ – a film sharing the lived experience of gestational diabetes

Last year Dr. Claire Wilson who I’d previously worked with, in creating a fab comic and information leaflet for newly diagnosed mothers with gestational diabetes got in touch with me again over an exciting new research project!

This MRC funded project was to use art to portray the lived experiences of women with gestational diabetes.

This fantastic opportunity has meant that mothers who have experienced gestational diabetes pregnancy, like me, have had a chance to raise some awareness over a condition many know little to nothing about and can share the honest thoughts and feelings of coping with gestational diabetes in pregnancy. The end creation was ‘GD One Prick At A Time!’

GD One Prick At A Time banner with Kings College London & Motherhoody Logos

Hi! We’re Anna-Maria Nabirye & Jess Mabel Jones, two multidisciplinary artists who work in a collaboration called Motherhoody

Anna-Maria Nabirye & Jess Mabel Jones, two multidisciplinary artists who work in a collaboration called Motherhoody
Anna-Maria Nabirye & Jess Mabel Jones

We were invited to make a piece of artwork that amplified the voices of women with lived experience of Gestational Diabetes.

In usual circumstances we would have ran a gorgeous, wholesome workshop in real life, in an actual room with lots of gestational diabetes-appropriate snacks…but along came Covid-19 and so we had to come up with a safer idea! 

We decided to make a film, interviewing women from all over the UK over Zoom, chatting to them candidly about their experiences of being diagnosed and living with gestational diabetes. 

GD Mums zoom meeting workshop

In late October 2020, we reached out to women in a callout that was shared in both English text and British Sign Language on social media, the Gestational Diabetes UK website and with contacts of the commissioner and supporting partners. We were blown away by the GD community’s enthusiasm, we received over 150 responses. It was clear women had a LOT to say and were passionate about supporting each other and those who were newly diagnosed!

Health professionals were also invited to contribute to the research via a call out, and we interviewed a Perinatal Mental Health Midwife, a Diabetes Specialist Midwife, a Dietitian and a Diabetes Nurse Consultant. 

GESTATIONAL DIABETES : ONE PRICK AT A TIME was commissioned by Kings College London research fellow and NHS psychiatrist Dr Claire Wilson from a fellowship funded by the MRC, with support from fellow King’s College London researcher Judith Parsons and Jo Paterson of Gestational Diabetes UK. The project is also supported by King’s Culture and the Mental Elf.

GD One Prick At A Time - GD Mums Shadow Image of Woman

Driven by the lived-experiences and testimonies from women and NHS health professionals the short film puts the women who have and are living with gestational diabetes front and centre. Amplifying their voices, experiences and questions in order to instigate radical conversations and actions concerning the support and care around Gestational Diabetes.

The film is fully captioned, subtitled by Stagetext

We aren’t mums and haven’t experienced GD but we are kick-ass artists who care passionately about women’s* bodies and health. And who are ready to shake stuff up!

Sylvanian family figure drowning in orange fizzy drink

Gestational Diabetes: One Prick at a Time is part documentary, part visual arts, part call to arms and part Sylvanian families soap opera! 

We hope you enjoy the film!


Gestational Diabetes One Prick At A Time

The panel discussion from the live event

Jess is a multidisciplinary artist whose focus is on making work that is good fun, good-looking and that strives to incite change. Anna-Maria is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is focused on the narratives of Black Women within the African Diaspora and uplifting voices and representation of those often not found within the mainstream with a large dash of JOY.

Best friends who fell in love while making a show about dismantling the patriarchy, Jess and Anna-Maria are now Motherhoody, a creative partnership that’s here to blow apart the traditionally-held ideas of ‘motherhood’! They are the creators of the Motherhoody Zine. Follow us on Instagram to stay in touch [ @motherhoodyproject ]

For more information about the work of Dr Claire Wilson please visit or stay in touch via twitter @drclairewilson

*The use of the word women is trans inclusionary always.



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gestational diabetes support from family

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