With gestational diabetes desserts may be off the menu, or so you may have thought, but in this post I will share with you hints and tips on how you can still enjoy desserts and puddings that shouldn’t spike your blood sugar levels!

As with all of my dietary guidance for gestational diabetes, the same principles apply to gestational diabetes desserts and puddings. Follow the 8 Golden Rules and desserts are no different from any other foods.

gestational diabetes diet 8 golden rules

Carbohydrate overload

The problem with sweet things such as fruit, cakes, puddings and desserts are that they are usually high in carbohydrates as they are high in sugar. This could be from natural sugar like in fruit and honey, or from added sugars and highly refined carbohydrates.

Timing matters!

It is really important to remember, with ‘desserts’, that if you are having them following a meal you are significantly increasing your carbohydrate intake in one sitting.

With diabetes, the body struggles to process large amounts of sugar from food. Therefore, in order to have these desserts after a meal they need to be sugar free (or very low carb/sugar), paired well and would ideally be followed after a very high protein, very low carbohydrate meal.

The best way to ‘have your cake and eat it’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ is to have dessert as a ‘snack’ i.e. AFTER you have tested your post meal blood sugar levels, remembering the key to stabilising blood sugar levels is eating little and often


Cream is a great source of natural fats and can be added to gestational diabetes desserts to help pair them. The fat in cream slows down the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream

Macronutrients impact on blood glucose
elmlea creams

However, this means REAL cream NOT artificial cream alternatives such as Elmlea.

Many people who are not used to shopping for cream find Elmlea and believe it is a branded product for cream. It isn’t. It is not real cream, it is a cream alternative and contains transfats which are the type of fat we need to try to avoid.

Nearly all shops sell real cream, but it is usually their own brand version which is double or single cream e.g. Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, CO-OP e.t.c. (or you may find Dairy branded products such as Graham’s Family Dairy Creams).

With squirty spray creams, the only found that does not contain added sugar is Anchor Extra Thick. All the others contain added sugar and so will not help pair desserts like the Anchor Extra Thick one will.


Fruit is called natures natural sweets for a reason. Fruit contains high amounts of fructose which is a type of sugar. Fruit is also full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, but unfortunately the high sugar content can make fruit a tricky food to tolerate with gestational diabetes.

Some ladies worry about reducing and limiting fruit on a gestational diabetes diet in case they are missing out essential nutrients, but you can actually get any nutrient found in fruit from vegetables instead, just without all the sugar!

Some fruits are better than others. The lowest sugar (lowest GI) fruits are berries.

This picture shows examples of better fruits to try, but it is always advisable to pair fruit with fat to help slow down the release of sugar:

Quick gestational diabetes desserts and sweet treats

NAS Jelly pot

Gestational diabetes desserts & puddings

TIP: Make these puddings in ramekins, small bowls or glasses so that you don’t over indulge!

chocolate velvet
lemon cheesecake gestational diabetes
fluff milk jellies
chocolate cheesecake
overnight chia seeds
very berry eton mess
no added angel delight
low carb rhubarb crumble and double cream in a bowl
sugar free jelly

Gestational diabetes teacakes and cookies

sugar free peanut butter cookies

Gestational diabetes store bought sweet treats; biscuits and chocolate

These items should not be eaten every day and only once you’ve managed to get your blood sugar levels under control. If you are struggling with high blood sugar levels, or erratic levels which are spiking and falling, then it is advisable to avoid eating these foods.

However, once you have good control and understanding over your levels and tolerances, then these items make some good GD treats if you feel you’d like something and want to make a better choice.

Choose no more than ONE item and pair it with natural fats and protein to slow down the release of sugar e.g. nuts, seeds, cheese e.t.c.

safer gd suitable treat
Small amounts of chocolate alongside nuts, seeds or a glass of soya milk is tolerated well by most
  • 4 squares/20g of dark chocolate
  • Cadbury’s Freddo (milk chocolate version)
  • Treat size milk chocolate buttons
  • Half a Kinder Bueno
  • 2 finger Kit Kat
  • 2 x Nairns oat biscuits or Nairns gluten free biscuit breaks
  • 2 x Digestive biscuits
  • 2 x Hobnob biscuits
  • 1 x Dark chocolate Hobnob biscuit
  • 2 x Rich Tea biscuits
  • 3 x Chocolate digestive biscuit thins
  • 4 x Rich Tea finger biscuits
  • 1 x Nature Valley Protein bar

For more information around eating chocolate with gestational diabetes, please see the chocolate page

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Gestational Diabetes UK Membership Cake and Pudding Recipes

I really enjoy baking and so it made sense to experiment with recipes to make some things that wouldn’t cause spikes in blood sugar levels, but meant that I could still bake family cakes and treats.

Baking with alternative flours has taken a lot of mistakes and mishaps along the way, but I have now learned the basics and work hard at creating new, yet classic recipes to enjoy!

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low carb GD brownies
blueberry breakfast muffins nut free version
Vanilla cupcakes, sugar free low carb cupcakes for Babyshowers
low carb bakewell slices
low carb chocolate lava cake
sugar free panna cotta
low carb sugar free Victoria Sponge
lemon poppy seed breakfast muffins
Mocha Cupcakes