Gestational Diabetes Support Posters and Leaflets

Gestational Diabetes Support

I would like to improve gestational diabetes support for all those diagnosed in the UK and Ireland by raising awareness and by advertising the website and the social media support we offer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes can be a scary and daunting time. One of the biggest things I hear is that mothers feel alone. Many do not know much about gestational diabetes or know anyone who has had it before. Many patients will receive a phone call or letter to say they have been diagnosed and may not be seen by a medical professional for days and in some cases weeks. Left alone and unsure of what this diagnosis means for them and their pregnancy, we help fill the void for those that find us, but thousands of women do not find their way to us and may be sitting there alone, worried and unsure of what to do.

To help offer better gestational diabetes support I have created some posters/leaflets that can be downloaded and handed out or displayed at Diabetes Antenatal Clinics, Maternity Clinics and GP surgeries.

Gestational diabetes support – Leaflet for diagnosis

Claire Wilson a Doctor working in Research and Psychiatry at the Department of Women’s Mental Health, Kings College London got in contact with me as she was working on a project around the mental health impact of a gestational diabetes diagnosis. The project Claire was working on involved creating a comic to give to ladies on the diagnosis of gestational diabetes.

I feel honoured to be involved in this project, as do the members of my Facebook support group. Thank you Claire for giving us the opportunity to be involved.

Here you can download a copy of the completed comic:

The comic is a fantastic tool for anyone diagnosed with GDM. Please feel free to download and distribute the leaflet for use in Diabetes Antenatal Clinics Nationwide.

Gestational diabetes support – from family, friends and colleagues

If you are reading this as a partner, family member, friend or colleague of someone that has been diagnosed, then we have a page dedicated to explaining gestational diabetes and the impact it may have on the mother. It also has information on how you can offer gestational diabetes support to them. Please take a look at our Gestational diabetes and the family page.