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I created Gestational Diabetes UK® as a GD Mum, for other Mums. I’m dedicated to providing information on gestational diabetes, from diagnosis through to birth and beyond.

I do not show any ads on my website, or have any annoying pop-ups. There are no affiliate links and no financial gain for any products that are mentioned within the content. All links shown are purely for information purposes and for your benefit so that you can learn which products work well for the majority.

Gestational Diabetes UK does not sell any physical products, instead, it is funded via an optional membership to the website for additional recipes and meal plans.

By offering a Bronze & Silver membership, it has meant that the Gestational Diabetes UK website can remain free for all to use and so that I can continue to update with more information and support as time goes on.

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Thanks, Jo (Founder of Gestational Diabetes UK)

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The membership options

Based on the Gestational Diabetes UK diet and 8 golden rules of eating, here is the information you need to make changes to following a simple gestational diabetes diet plan that has worked for over 17,000 members of our Facebook support group

Gestational Diabetes UK Membership

Bronze level membership

Bronze level membership gives you access to all the membership *recipes

*Please note many of the nut-free recipes contain coconut. If you have a nut and coconut allergy then the nut-free recipes will not be suitable for you

Bronze level membership is £5.00 a month via PayPal or direct card payment (NOT direct debit).

Bronze level membership DOES NOT include access to 7-day meal plans. If you would like a 7-day meal plan and recipes for the meal plans, please scroll below to find out more about Silver level membership ↓

Silver level membership

Silver level membership gives you the same access as Bronze level membership, PLUS it gives you access to six more additional pages;

  1. 7-day meal plan (the original plan)
  2. 7-day Vegetarian meal plan
  3. 7-day Vegan meal plan
  4. 7-day Dairy-Free meal plan
  5. 7-day Gluten-Free meal plan
  6. 7-day *Nut-Free meal plan

*Please note whilst there are no actual nuts used as ingredients in the nut-free recipes, some of the recommended ingredients (eg. chocolate) may have been produced in factories where they cannot guarantee that the products have not come into contact with other nut products. It is your responsibility to check whether you feel the suggested recipes and ingredients used are suitable and safe for you to consume. Seeds, pine nuts, coconut flour, and coconut milk have been used as suggested ingredients in some of the recipes.

Take the stress out of being diagnosed with gestational diabetes and not knowing what to eat. These gestational diabetes diet plans follow the Gestational Diabetes UK diet and 8 golden rules of eating for seven days from breakfast through to bedtime. They include Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Dinner, Optional Dessert Snack, and Bedtime Snack. The meals are based on cooking from scratch and recipes are given to assist you.

Please note that these meal plans do not change weekly, they are simply a guide for you to start using and then build upon using the knowledge you gain.

For an example of a typical day please see my example one-day gestational diabetes diet plan here.

Silver level membership is just £7.00 a month via PayPal or direct card payment (NOT direct debit).

Bronze Membership
for membership recipes shown in the recipe index
Membership Recipes
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