Chocolate mousse
Any dark chocolate is fine to use for this dessert, but the darker the chocolate, the less sugar it has. For the one shown in the picture I used dark Terry’s chocolate orange segments to make a chocolate orange mousse and topped with chocolate dipped almonds.
Servings Prep Time
2people 10minutes
Servings Prep Time
2people 10minutes
  1. Melt the chocolate in a microwavable bowl for a few seconds at a time, then stirring, being careful not to burn it. Alternatively you can melt the chocolate in a large bowl over hot water.
  2. Pour the cream into a separate bowl and whip until it is the consistency you like. This is much easier and faster with a hand whisk. The cream will change from liquid, thickening until it is a stiff cream. For a more runny consistency do not over whip the cream. If you would like a thicker mousse then keep whipping, being careful not to over whip the cream into a lump.
  3. Pour in the melted chocolate and gently stir until it is combined.
  4. You can add additional toppings such as a small amount of grated dark chocolate, drizzle of melted chocolate, chopped nuts and cream.
  5. The mousse can be eaten straight away, or will set even firmer if refrigerated.
Recipe Notes

This recipe can be adapted to make other flavours such as lemon, lime, vanilla (using seeds from a vanilla pod), cinnamon, peanut butter, or coffee. Avoid using essences for flavouring as they can contain high amounts of sugar, opt for real ingredients instead.