Chocolate Trifle
  1. Start by preparing all your layered ingredients eg. chocolate mousse/chocolate cheesecake/no added sugar (NAS) chocolate or butterscotch angel delight, whipped double cream and chocolate ganache (if using GD UK brownies or biscuits, these need to be baked and cooled before use) Please see all the links above for recipes
  2. Start with a layer of mousse/cheesecake/NAS angel delight
  3. Crumble in a layer of GD UK brownie or chosen GD UK biscuit/cookie
  4. Add a layer of whipped double or coconut cream (please note, spray cream is not thick enough to use on this layer and will not support the layers on top)
  5. Add another layer of mousse/cheesecake/NAS angel delight
  6. Add another layer of of GD UK brownie or chosen GD UK biscuit/cookie
  7. Top with a layer of chocolate ganache
  8. Finish with some Anchor Extra Thick spray cream, or whipped cream and your chosen garnish
Recipe Notes

These desserts are best made fresh and stored in the fridge until use (do not add spray cream until serving otherwise it will lose it’s shape and density).  It is best to make the best trifle up-to the ganache layer and then add the topping just before serving. You can freeze elements of the dish before assembling eg. the brownies and biscuits, but the pudding layers should be made fresh to use

Keep the serving sizes small, so opt for a small glass or ramekin to create this trifle.

How is this possibly GD friendly???

This recipe is based on the GD UK 8 Golden rules of eating and GD UK recipes, meaning the ingredients used are lower in carbs, with no added sugars and are higher in natural fats. The fats in this dessert help to pair the carbs and slow down the release of glucose into the bloodstream. To learn more about this way of eating, please check out the GD diet page.