Gingerbread Latte (Sugar Free)
*Low Carb *Refined Sugar Free *Vegetarian *Nut Free *Gluten Free *Can be made Dairy Free and Vegan if non dairy milk is used
Servings Prep Time
1mug 5minutes
Servings Prep Time
1mug 5minutes
  1. Measure a mug of milk and pour into a saucepan (*or if in a hurry, microwave in the mug). Heat until just bubbling *if making in a mug in the microwave, use less than a mugful of milk, leaving room for the milk to rise when heating or you will end up with milk spilling everywhere!
  2. Add spices and vanilla into the milk and stir well
  3. Pour hot gingerbread milk into a mug and add coffee of choice (e.g. a shot of espresso, a good glug of strong filtered coffee, or instant coffee granules) and stir. Add sweetener if desired
  4. Top with Anchor Extra Thick squirty cream, whipped double cream or a glug of single or double pouring cream. Dust with a sprinkling of ground cinnamon
Recipe Notes

The natural sugars in this drink come from the lactose in the milk. If you are unsure of the impact milk has on your blood sugar levels then it is worth trying this as a ‘milk test’. This is where you have this to drink (with no other food or drink) and then test your blood sugar levels one hour after drinking it. Many women tolerate milk well, but if you find this causes to spike your blood sugar levels too high, you may need to enjoy this as a snack or part of your meal, rather than drinking it freely.

If coffee isn’t your thing, you could make this as a gingerbread hot milk drink, or try adding some dark cocoa powder instead. If you use the spices with a hot chocolate such as Highlights or Options, remember that these have more carbs (sugar) in them than having this as a latte and so it would need to drunk as a snack or part of your meal to avoid causing any spikes in levels between food.

In this recipe I recommend using Anchor Extra Thick squirty cream. The reason I recommend this particular brand is because it is the only squirty cream I have found in stores that does not have additional sugars added to it. This cream is hard to find, but it does become available in many more larger supermarkets at Christmas time. If you use another squirty cream it will have added sugar in it and so you are better off using double cream whipped by hand/whisk.

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