Shopping List

Gestational Diabetes Shopping List

Once diagnosed with gestational diabetes, it’s best to change your diet immediately and so the first thing most people want to do is create a shopping list for things they know will be better options on the gestational diabetes diet. In this post, I will share with you a basic shopping list to get you started, which will follow my dietary guidance of the 8 golden rules.

The shopping list is based on making meals from scratch so that you can control exactly what ingredients are going into your meals. For an idea of what an ideal day should look like, take a look at my one-day example meal plan.

list of the GD UK 8 Golden Rules for a gestational diabetes diet

Store cupboard essentials

These are things that you may already have at home in the cupboard or things that you may need only to buy once or every now and again which can be helpful for cooking.

Fresh Grocery items

These are fresh grocery items that you will need to stock up on regularly and will become part of your weekly shopping list

Frozen foods

The list of frozen items can be helpful to save money on fruit and vegetables (especially when foods are out of season):

The following posts share brands and products that are known to be better tolerated, saving you the time of trawling through endless product labels in the supermarket!

Download a copy of the shopping lists below:


Use these shopping lists to create GD-friendly meals

For ideas on what meals to create with the items on the shopping lists, take a look through the recipe index and the meal ideas posts (linked below):

Gestational diabetes diet on a budget

If you are finding the change to a gestational diabetes diet expensive and need ideas on how to save money on your shopping, then you may find some helpful information on my gestational diabetes diet on a budget page.

gestational diabetes diet on a budget

Seasonal occasions, celebrations and special events

Certain events and times throughout the year call for focus on different foods. To help with these times I have many posts to help share hints, tips, ideas and recipes which are safe to eat and drink with gestational diabetes.

Check out the following posts for more help with these occasions: