A great way to use up leftover Sunday Roast meat
Sunday Roast Leftovers pie

Whenever I cook a Sunday roast I always try to cook a piece of meat big enough so that it lasts for at least two family meals. Some meats are easier than others to create into a new meal, but when I was stuck with leftover slow cooked beef brisket the other week, I decided I wanted to try to make a Sunday roast leftovers pie!

Much like a traditional cottage pie but with lovely chunky shredded beef pieces instead.

Get creating your Sunday Roast Leftovers Pie and lets reduce food waste!

Sunday Roast Leftovers pie


Sunday Roast Leftovers pie

Sunday Roast Leftovers Pie

A great way to use up leftover Sunday Roast meat
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Course: Main Meals
Cuisine: British
Diet: Diabetic, Gluten Free
Keyword: pie
Free or Subscription Recipe: Free Recipe
Free from: coconut, eggs, gluten, nuts
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes
Servings: 4 large servings
Calories: 448kcal
Author: Jo Paterson


For the Pie Filling

  • 500 grams leftover beef (I used slow cooked beef brisket)
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 medium onion finely chopped
  • 2 medium carrots diced
  • 1 stick celery finely diced
  • 100 grams button mushrooms chopped
  • 1 handful frozen peas
  • 200 ml beef stock (I used leftover stock from slow cooking the meat)
  • 1 tsp cornflour
  • 1 tsp cold water

For the Cauliflower Mash

  • 2 whole cloves of garlic peeled
  • 2 medium whole cauliflower green leaves removed
  • 1 tsp English Mustard
  • 1 tbsp olive oil plus extra for drizzling
  • 1 good pinch salt & ground black pepper
  • 100 grams grated cheddar


For the Cauliflower Mash topping

  • Preheat the oven to 200°c and roughly chop the cauliflower into equal sized pieces
  • In a saucepan steam the cauliflower and whole garlic cloves with just a few tablespoons of water, lid on, for 5 minutes or until the cauliflower is tender. Use a knife to check
  • Remove the pan from the heat, drain any excess liquid and add the olive oil and mustard. Blend or mash until creamy and smooth. If it’s too sloppy or wet allow the mash to evaporate on a low heat. Season to taste

For the Pie Filling

  • Shred or dice the leftover beef and remove all visible fat
  • Add 1 tsp of olive oil to a pan on a medium heat then add the finely chopped onion, cooking until softened
  • Add the chopped mushrooms, diced carrots and celery with a spoonful of beef stock and increase heat to bring to a simmer (bubbling)
  • Add the pieces of beef, stir and then add some more (but not all) of the beef stock and turn up the heat to ensure a steady simmer for a couple of minutes, then add the rest of the beef stock and continue to simmer on high heat
  • Add the cornflour to the cold water in a cup and stir to dissolve. Pour the cornflour water into the pan and stir well to combine
  • Continue to simmer until the gravy thickens
  • Once the gravy is at the desired thickness, add the handful of frozen peas and stir
  • Remove from the heat and spoon the pie filling into and oven proof dish and spread evenly
  • Spoon over the cauliflower mash and top with grated cheese
  • Place the pie in the oven for 25 – 30 minutes or until golden. Serve with steamed green vegetables


This recipe can be adapted to use leftover chicken, lamb or pork too. Just swap the stock with the same flavoured stock as the meat you have cooked, or for vegetable stock. Herbs and spices can be added to suit your tastes too, such as chopped mint and rosemary with leftover lamb or thyme or tarragon with chicken. You can also add some double cream or creme fraiche with chicken or pork to create a more creamy sauce. Add your favourite vegetables to suit your tastes too, but keep starchy and sweet vegetables minimal.
This pie can also be made with potato, sweet potato or other root vegetable mash. If you do this you are significantly increasing the carb amount in the dish. To help with this, add plenty of butter, cream and cheese to your mash as this will help pair the carbs found in the potato/sweet potato/root veg


Calories: 448kcal | Carbohydrates: 23g | Protein: 40g | Fat: 23g | of which saturates: 9g | Fibre: 7g | of which sugars: 9g