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“I was naive to think that because I was 24 at the time with a BMI of 20, there’d be no way I’d have GD, I Rachael babywas wrong. I was diagnosed at 29 weeks and as a first time Mum, still struggling with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, I was absolutely terrified. My diabetes team weren’t terrible, but they weren’t great either. I’m a vegetarian and all their suggestions included me going back to eating meat. I then found the Facebook GD group at 31 weeks and straight away started getting helpful advice which didn’t involve eating meat. I was given good snack ideas and suggestions to help my sweet tooth craving – something the leaflets from Hospital lacked.
I was induced at 39+5 and my beautiful daughter was 7lbs.2 and perfect. None of my family understood how much of a struggle Gestational Diabetes can be, so having Jo and all of the other ladies in the group was a massive help as they were going through the same. If it wasn’t for this group, I’d have probably been quite poorly due to fear of eating ANYTHING when first diagnosed.

They helped me look after my beautiful daughter… Thank you.” Rachael, West Sussex


“I developed Gestational diabetes in my third pregnancy which came as a huge shock, I had been tested before in my previous pregnancies (due to having PCOS) with no concerns.  I was given very little information from the hospital regarding what foods were safe and what GD really meant. I would of carried on eating Jam on toast and cereal had I not sought information and support from the GD Facebook group. Discovering what GD actually means and what it can do was a huge eye opener and although it was difficult and frustrating changing my eating habits (giving up comfort food in pregnancy is not easy!) knowing what the outcome could of been was the biggest incentive to look after my diet.  Following the arrival of my daughter (premature but thanks to the information from this group and changes I took on board she was on the whole, a well baby) I have thankfully passed my postnatal GTT and what I learnt from the group has stayed with me and my family’s eating habits have changed for the better.” Lauren, Derbyshire


“I felt really low when I got my GD diagnosis and the bombshell of information from the hospital. I found Gestational Diabetes UK Mums on Facebook as I was having my most emotional day. I had all high readings and had just been prescribed metformin. After reading lots of advice from Jo and the other mums I got my first low reading and started to understand how to pair my food! I’ve had all low readings since, apart from one but I understand why it was higher. And I haven’t needed the metformin yet!” Kerry, Northamptonshire


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Blake 36wks, baby #4

“After already having 3 GD babies I thought I knew all there was to know about the world of pregnancy and diabetes! How wrong was I! Finding the GD UK Mums page on Facebook helped so much, it’s a friendly place to chat about any worries you have, gain support & knowledge and generally feel that you are not alone. I’d found other groups on the internet before but they were all USA based and the way they deal with GD is so different (even down to the units they measure blood sugar levels in) so it was hard to follow. GD UK Mums is totally different and having access to the extensive research the group founder Jo has put together is invaluable. I was always gaining new information there, such as ‘food pairing’ and ‘colostrum harvesting’. I’m so glad I found the group in my fourth pregnancy and continue to have the support now through my 5th GD pregnancy.” Gemma, Oxfordshire. 


“I am a total sugar addict and when I was told I had gestational diabetes I was devastated. I knew I would have to give up my favourite foods and drinks because it was what my baby needed. Thanks to Gestational Diabetes UK Mums Facebook group, I was able to understand the condition and find recipes and the support I needed to get through my pregnancy healthily and have a healthy baby.” Lynsey, Chester


Helen baby“When I got my GTT results I felt that I had failed a test… I was gutted. The next 2 days had me stressed and too afraid to eat anything! I then found the group and it was a life saver! It helped me understand what I should be eating and the science behind what was happening to me and my baby. I was on the GD way of eating for 10 weeks and found it relatively easy once I understood the rules with the help of the fantastic group files. My baby was born a healthy 7lb 2oz at 38w + 1 and had perfect blood sugars. The healthy eating also resulted in me losing weight (I was overweight before getting pregnant) and 2 weeks after birth im now 1st 7lb lighter than before I got pregnant. The admin team and all the other GD mums are amazing and help keep your eyes on the prize!!” Helen, Croydon. 


“I was diagnosed at 26 weeks, was diet controlled until 34 weeks then went on the insulin, my little boy was predicted 7lb 9oz and he arrived weighing 7lb 6oz.  The Gestational Diabetes UK Mums Facebook group was an amazing help to me during my pregnancy, it helped keep me on the right track! It was a hard journey as I have a really bad sweet tooth! But the recipes and guidance from the group was a massive help! It’s like a little community! And it lead to the safe arrival of my beautiful little man! ”  Maddy, Southampton


“I’ve had two gestational diabetes babies, and during my first pregnancy there was no GD UK support group and I felt lost and worried about almost everything to do with the condition.
Second pregnancy and I found the Facebook group and
wow! Other ladies going through the same thing. A source of advice, support, and just knowing there was always someone there to say – chin up, not long to go, remember why you’re doing it”  Jenny, Cambridgeshire.



Kirsty (32) and Hannah (3 months)

“I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at my routine Glucose Tolerance Test. I was shocked and upset; I felt guilty that my weight had been responsible as I was still carrying extra weight from my first pregnancy. My midwife was quick to refer me to the diabetic team and stressed how serious the condition could be but there was a real lack of information and (perhaps more importantly) emotional support. Through a baby website I was fortunate to be referred to GD UK Mums Facebook group and it was a real game changer. As well as finding other normal mums going through the same thing it also offered a new way of looking at food. Low carb/high protein & natural fat became the way I was able to manage my blood sugars. I actually lost weight during pregnancy without depriving myself or my growing baby. I also felt so much less anxious leading up to the birth as I had a forum to share my concerns and got great advice from those who had been there. I ended up having a straightforward induction but dread to think how much more scary and lonely the last few months of pregnancy would have been without the help of the group. Huge thanks to Jo for all the hard work she’s put in to helping GD mums” Kirsty,  Bathgate, Scotland


“I left my appointment with the dietician lost, confused and worried. After searching for Gestational diabetes I discovered this little gem of a group on Facebook.  I was able to regulate my blood sugars and understand what impact my eating would have on my baby. The files and supportive ladies saw me have a healthy baby” Kate, Cork


“I was diagnosed with GD in all my pregnancies but the main difference between my first two and my last was the GD Facebook group. Having previously felt that I was the only person in the world with this condition I found this group and discovered many others just like me and I enjoyed my last pregnancy more than the first two because of this.”  Adele, Immingham, North East Lincolnshire 


Sandra baby“The advice from Jo and her wonderful team is outstanding. Real mums having been through GD means this group knows exactly what you are experiencing. The best thing I did once diagnosed was to join the support group I would have been lost without it. 4 months after little Finn’s birth and I will forever be thankful for all the help and advice I received. ?” Sandra, Antrim






“On my first GD pregnancy (baby now 2 years old) I felt so lost and alone.  No one I knew had any experience of GD, when I googled it the info I found was conflicting and frightening. While my hospital team were very supportive, there were many times when I struggled to really understand what was happening to me and my baby. On my second pregnancy I was diagnosed at 20 weeks and found the GD UK Facebook page an amazing help in managing the condition. The tips, advise, and suggestions from all the other mammies and Jo and her admin team were all fantastic but for me just knowing that others understood the unique challenges of a GD pregnancy was the best part. In Ireland the ranges are different to those advised by UK trusts but I still found the dietary advise and group files invaluable. In fact when my team asked how I was able to manage my BSL’s so well I told them about the Facebook group.”  Sile, Laois, Ireland


“Before I discovered this website I felt so stressed about gd. My figures were too high I had bad advice from nurses and doctors. I was constantly hungry being afraid to snack. The GD group gave me the support I needed any time of day or night – always someone to help. I had my gd baby at 38 weeks weighing 7lb 7oz. Now 27 weeks with second gd pregnancy insulin controlled and gd isn’t scary any more” Edel, Belfast


Hollie“I found out I had Gestational Diabetes after testing my blood sugar for a week. I saw the numbers creeping up and I felt so disappointed and concerned for my baby. It wasn’t until I found the Facebook group that I finally felt back in control. I realised it wasn’t my fault that I had Gestational Diabetes and I found a wonderful support in other members. I was on Metformin and insulin by 32 weeks and I followed a healthy diet, using recipes posted on the group. I can honestly say without this group I would have been terrified, but I got through my pregnancy. I was induced and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at 38+2, Jack, weighing 7lb 2oz, not the huge baby everyone said he would be. His blood sugars after birth were perfect! Thank you to Jo, the founder of GD UK Mums and all other mums on the page!” Hollie, Surrey


“I have had two GD pregnancies. My first in 2010 I followed the diet advice given by the diabetes team at the hospital and ended up on metformin with uncontrollable sugars at the end. My second pregnancy it was assumed I would get GD again so at 12 weeks I was straight back on the diet. I wondered if there was anyone else out there so searched GD on Facebook and came across the support group. I am certain that I had a better, healthier pregnancy due to the “food pairing” advice as well as being aware that GD changes during your pregnancy so if you see your sugars going up when you are eating regular meals, you need to adapt either what you are eating or the portion size. This time I managed to avoid medication much to the amazement of my consultant and diabetic team. My sugar babies weighed 5lb 8 oz and 5 lb 11 oz – just because you have GD dies not mean big babies!” Libby, Gloucestershire


“After being diagnosed with GD at 28 weeks I did some Facebook research and came across the group which helped me understand, being naive I just thought no more chocolate.  I managed to stay diet controlled.  Its really changed my whole outlook and nearly 10 weeks after having my little sugar man I am still eating a lot healthier and constantly checking packaging.”  Shona, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire


“I was diagnosed with GD at 28 weeks, I went on Baby Centre to see what it actually meant what could happen to myself and my twin babies, unfortunately there wasn’t much info but a lot of mums directed me to the Gestational Diabetes UK Mums Facebook group and I’ve got to say, the help I got from that group was unbelievable.  Following meal ideas and advice I stayed diet controlled and didn’t need medication, I also stayed at my before weight after babies were born ….bonus! 🙂  If it wasn’t for the dedication and help from these ladies who take the time out of their days to answer questions and give advice, and I think I speak for the majority of members on there, we couldn’t have done it listening just to the dietitian . Thank you admin!!!” Gail, South Wales


wendy“I’d had 2 babies before and although I’m overweight and my dad has type 2, I had been clear of GD in both pregnancies. So when I was diagnosed at 32wks with GD in my 3rd pregnancy I was really shocked. I felt like I’d let my baby down by being fat – I’d eaten too much cake etc. etc. I went home and cried. I found the Facebook group and posted an intro. The first thing I learnt was IT WASN’T MY FAULT! What followed then was like a virtual hug every time I needed it – advice and support to get me over any GD obstacle, which I so desperately needed. The group taught me how to EAT to control my sugars. The advice I’d been given by the diabetes consultant just wasn’t enough. But with the help of the girls I learnt little tricks. ‘Low carb, high protein, high natural fat and zero sugar’ this became my mantra. I never starved and ate more than before. I diet controlled the whole way, lost weight and, most importantly, had a happy, healthy baby at the end of it, 6lb 13oz and perfect sugars. I honestly couldn’t have got through it without the group. The admin are superheroes!” Wendy, Kent


“I couldn’t believe it when I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I questioned what I had done wrong? Why me?.. I was afraid to eat anything the first few days! My best friend is a midwife and she said to look up this Gestaional Diabetes page on Facebook. I didn’t know what to expect but my expectations have been surpassed. There is so much sensible information that Jo has compiled in the files, all research based. There is always someone to answer a question! And knowing everything I’m doing is helping baby now and for its future, I am so grateful to have found this page!” Joanne, Surrey


“I wasn’t ever tested for GD until I demanded my midwife did it for me late on in my pregnancy. I’d had reduced movements every week from 24 weeks and I knew something was wrong and I was tested at 34 weeks. I was told I had GD whilst eating a flap jack covered in sugar and chocolate, and as I enjoyed a bit of the naughty stuff I was gutted. My appointment with the diabetes team in my hospital was pointless – it was only a 10 minute appointment where the only advice and help I received was to only eat 3 portions of fruit a day. And that was it, other than how to test my blood. After searching Facebook for any GD groups I came across this little nugget which was the answer to all those questions that I had which the professionals could never find time to go over with me. The admin team are a fab bunch of ladies who help with anything, even the hunt for suitable and safe biscuits 😉  Thanks to them my baby was born healthy at 38 weeks, and I have a cupboard full of great, healthy food”  Kate, Cheshire


Clarissa4“I was diagnosed at 16 weeks, this being my first pregnancy it was very scary. Though I had a feeling I would have due to family history and having PCOS. After I got the call I went online and found the Facebook group as I was clueless as what I needed to do next. Being diagnosed early I felt I had so much longer to go and couldn’t understand how I would do it. I found everyone so helpful and willing to help. Over the next few days I read the files and all the meal ideas and the files became my survival guide. I learnt to eat healthier and keep my baby safe. My pregnancy was very difficult but the group helped me through. I was diagnosed with polyhydramnios and my baby was measuring very large the whole pregnancy. My consultant was convinced I was stuffing my face full of chocolate but I knew I had the group info and I was doing all I could and my numbers reflected that. My baby boy was born healthy at 37+6 days weight a lovely 7lbs 1oz. My boy had low bloody sugars when born but it was brought up by the colostrum that I had harvested. I would have never known about colostrum harvesting if it wasn’t for the group and files. I can’t express how grateful I am to all the admins and group founded by Jo as I would have been lost. I had a long journey but I did it because of this group.” Clarissa, Walsall, West Midlands


“I am a vegetarian and was diagnosed at 16 weeks. I found the files and support from admins and other GD mums so helpful. It gave me the strength to continue the 24 week GD journey I had ahead of me at diagnosis. This was my second GD baby, the first was 5 years ago. I had no support and felt alone, however this time round it was a different story all due to the support from the group. I managed to stay diet controlled for my entire GD journey, the pairing advise in the files really helped me control my BS’s. When ever I felt down or worried I always referred to the group for support guidance and positive vibes.” Shilpa, North West London


“I was diagnosed quite ‘late’ and was gutted as the last few months of my pregnancy suddenly got complicated and restricted I was also terrified of what it meant for the birth. I felt like it was my fault and I failed my baby, the last few months and the birth was now overtaken with medical intervention. I went a week with no help before I got my monitor and then had a look for some support. There wasn’t a lot of information out there and while the consultants I spoke to at my hospital gave me lots of information it was everyday support that I lacked.  Luckily this Facebook group had been set up and straight away I was reading through the posts finding out information and didn’t feel so alone! Things that seem healthy became a problem and knowing somebody else was missing cornflakes with ice cold milk as much as me really did make me not give in! Loads of files and information and a growing member base really helped. I stayed diet control but equally if I had needed to go on medication the posts gave me the information so I would have been fully prepared! Initially I was booked to be induced at 41 weeks but my little sugar had other ideas and reduced movement at 40 weeks meant induction and she arrived the next day at a healthy 8lb 8oz with blood sugar tests all fine. Makes the thought of the next one not as scary too! Jo and her admins are stars! Thank you guys!”  Sarah, Cumbria


Jenny baby“Finding the Facebook support group meant I could make informed decisions about my diet when there seemed to be a lack of useful advice from the diabetic team. Understanding what drives GD and how to try and balance my blood sugars from the files meant I managed to stay diet controlled and have a healthy pregnancy and gorgeous 7lb 4oz boy. I was able to educate myself for my health and his and that was thanks to the dedication and hard work of the GD admin.” Jenny, Isle of Wight


“When I was told I had GD I found it difficult to accept because it was a symptomless disorder.  So hard to suddenly adapt and change your lifestyle when you feel there is nothing wrong! Also there is so much worry when anything is wrong in pregnancy.  The Facebook group was a lifeline as I realised there were others out there in the same situation and there was so much support xx”  Helen, Westmeath, Ireland


“When I found I had GD I was extremely sad, feeling guilty and lost. I had the first days crying very frequently. After first group appointment at hospital I was given advice about food, that I started applying only to get bad numbers. I thought then of creating a group to get support and support other ladies. I did a quick research on Facebook and Luckily I found the GD UK Mums group. Since then my whole experience is much more positive. I learnt a lot from the files about food pairing. Discovered things like colostrum harvesting that no one had mentioned to me. And mostly every time I had a question however silly it could be, there will always be at least a lovely lady that would take the time to answer. I won’t lie I still struggle sometimes, I still feel down after a bad reading, but I never feel alone any more and I never let anyone make me feel guilty about it. I can’t thank enough the ladies in this group, and I am sure that this group will be a lot of help for my last 5 weeks as things could get harder.” Carine, St Albans


Melissa“When I had GD with my first I didn’t know what to expect, my blood sugars were like a yo yo and the midwife nearly put me on tablets, but with my second it was different.  Someone from a baby club mentioned the Gestational Diabetes UK Mums Facebook group so I joined and I tell you it was the best decision I ever made –  my sugars were stable and you get lots of advice from mums who are in the same boat.  Now my daughter is 3 months and healthy thank you to the admins they are fab” Melissa, Essex 


“I could not have successfully managed my GD without the help of the GD Facebook group! Both admin and members were there for advice and support that made my readings so much better. I even lost weight healthily! Most importantly, my daughter was born a happy, healthy 7lb 1oz bundle of joy!” Sarah, Lincolnshire.


“I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 30 weeks and stayed diet controlled until I had my baby girl. Emma, at 37+5. I was completely distraught and terrified for my baby. A friend of mine had had gd and she recommended I join the GD UK Facebook group which I did and it was an absolute godsend. It was a place to go when I was confused by high readings, to get meal ideas including food pairing and to vent when I was frustrated! The admin were fabulous, they were very knowledgable and understanding. I honestly don’t know how I would have survived the pregnancy without them and the other group members. My little girl was 6lb8.5 at birth and had no issues with her blood sugars. I can’t thank the gd group enough for all the support I received.”  Louise, Belfast.


kerry richards“When I found out I had GD, I was devastated, wondered what I’d done, and didn’t know much about it. When I left my appointment my head was a blur. When I got home I scoured the internet to look for information and finally come across the GD Facebook group. It really was a God send.  I was able to open up in the group and get advice at any time of the day.  There was also files for me to access to find out anything I didn’t know.  I managed to control my GD on 2 metformin after being diagnosed at 28 weeks. My beautiful little sugar baby was born perfectly healthy at 38 weeks weighing 7lb 4oz. I don’t think I would of managed so well without the group and the support of other mummies to be/ mummies and admin team.  Many thanks xx” Kerry, Birmingham


“The group helped me to understand how to manage my blood sugar levels by making the correct food choices” Gurmit, Kent


“I was so upset when I got my GD diagnosis I searched Facebook for a group and came across the GD UK Mums group and was made to feel welcome and not like I had failed my pregnancy.  I received more help, support and advice via this group than I did with my diabetic team.  I feel like I have been through everyone’s pregnancies with them and love reading about their new arrivals 🙂 thank you xx” Michelle Louise, Barnsley


cameron“I was diagnosed with GD at 29 weeks following a GTT. I was totally lost at first and had no idea what to eat. My hospital was good but I’m one of those people that researches till the cows come home to understand everything, then I found Jo, the lovely admins and the Facebook group and the support and advice was wonderful. It made everything so easy to understand and although I ended up on metformin I controlled my diet so well using the advice here. Cameron was forecast to be a big baby and after a few stays in hospital at 35 and 37 weeks due to high blood sugar he was born at 38+2 and 8lbs 14oz.  He was totally worth every finger prick, tablet and even the loss of my beloved chocolate and I have this group and especially the admins to thank for getting me through it all ??”  Cath, East Yorkshire


“This group made me feel in control instead of feeling lost and alone.  I was so scared when I got my diagnosis, I had no idea what to do or what it meant for my baby.  Then a friend suggested the GD Facebook group. The files helped me to understand why this had happened and what the possible outcomes would be, how to test blood sugars, how to understand labels on food but most importantly the files helped me to make better food choices which kept me and my baby healthy.  All the ladies were there for advice and support any time and the admin put in so much work to give the best advice possible (better than the advice given from our clinics!)  Finally seeing the healthy babies being born kept me focused on the goal.  Thanks again ladies x”  Toni, Thurrock, Essex


“The GD group provided me comfort, advice and support! Having suffered GD in my first pregnancy from 26 wks I thought my world had ended but managed to muddle through somehow, limiting myself to sweet potatoes and vegetables. When I became pregnant for the second time (4 years later), I knew I’d have the GTT test earlier on and was dreading it as I’d have to eat sweet potatoes and vegetables for months and months!  How could I sustain that!?? So after a quick FB search I came across Jo’s group, and how ecstatic was I when I found a wealth of GD friendly recipes and snacks!! Being part of the group I never felt alone, as friends and family don’t truely know what it’s like! So all I can say is that Jo and her admin team are wonderful, looking after all the ladies in the group! Thank God I found you, thanks to you I can still stomach sweet potatoes because I didn’t have to live on them lol!”  Sarah, Coventry


suzanne“I believe the GD Facebook group is the reason I had a healthy little sugar baby. I was diagnosed at 28 weeks and ended up on 4 Metformin and 10 units of slow release insulin a day within 3 weeks.  However without this group I think it could have been so much more medication.  The files and Jo helped me to understand food pairing, how to control GD and even how to inject my insulin.  My gorgeous little girl was born very healthy at 6lb 10.5oz at 39 weeks plus 5 days with a quick induction and no sliding scale. I have since had my follow up HbA1c test at 13 weeks and my levels are perfect, no further action required and I put this all down to the advice and support from Jo and her other lovely admins. Thank you Jo, you really are my shining star!!!”  Suzanne,  Hove



“My first pregnancy I had a GTT because of high BMI, started diet controlled but with little help from dietician needed to go on metformin at 30 weeks and insulin at 33 weeks. I was induced at 38 weeks as per hospital guideline as baby measured on 90th centile. After a very quick labour I had an emergency section in second stage as baby wasn’t budging after 3 hours pushing! Bella was 8lb 10oz and despite excellent breast feeds couldn’t maintain blood sugars and ended up on SCBU being given formula. 6 weeks postnatal all my bloods were normal. With my second pregnancy I started testing at 12 weeks and started metformin at 14 weeks after a normal HBA1c test and started insulin at 19 weeks. By the end of my pregnancy I was on humalin 40 units at night and humalog 26 units with each meal as well as metformin 1000mg twice a day. Thanks to the dietary and lifestyle advice as well as the meds blood sugars were very controlled and baby measured just above 50th centile on scans. Because of previous section and insulin I had elective section at 37 weeks and 3 days. Harry was born 4th August and was a tidgy 6lb 2oz!! I’d done colostrum harvesting – something I wasn’t aware of until joining the Facebook group and thanks to that and good breastfeeds, Harry’s bloods were all OK. He’s now nearly 4 weeks old and gaining weight steadily. I found the advice and support from the page amazing and it got me through this pregnancy much easier than the first. I learnt more from here than from the dietician at the hospital and I was embarrassed that as a midwife I was clueless about GD. My aim when I go back to work is to highlight GD and try and get a more supportive network going in my Trust. I tell all my colleagues to sign post all GD mummy’s to the GD Facebook group as the support and advice is outstanding. Please keep up the good work xxxx” Nicola, Cumbria


Lauren baby“The group really put my mind at ease with how to deal with and control the diabetes during my pregnancy. Amazing support not only through my pregnancy but leading up to labour, after my little sugar baby was born and still now, from ladies going through the exact same thing. I had so many questions throughout and every time they were answered without judgement. I’m so glad I came across this group! xxx” Lauren, Lancashire


“I found the GD Facebook page after being diagnosed in the early stages of my 3rd pregnancy. After having a horrific pregnancy and labour with my 2nd daughter due to late diagnosis and little advice and support I was very emotional and somewhat petrified for going through it all again. Although my consultant team was great my appointments were every 4 weekly so there wasn’t much support between the appointments. I searched for any GD support groups and the GD UK Facebook page came up. It was amazing finding somewhere I could relate to other pregnant mummies and ask advice and nd not feel like I was asking silly questions. There was always someone to talk with, even at the small hours which was great. Another thing that sailed me through my pregnancy was the useful documents that were provided. The dietary advice helped me so much and I can honestly say that it has helped me in pregnancy and after the birth of my daughter I am now healthier due to changing my lifestyle in pregnancy which would not have been as easy without the group. Huge heartfelt thanks to all involved in setting up this amazing much needed group!” Nikki, Selkirk


Kim baby“The group has been amazing and contributed to me having a very healthy baby boy. The information is brilliant and helped me get my gd diet on track. I can’t thank Jo and the admin team enough for the help and support. Thank goodness for the group.” Kim, Suffolk




“The Facebook group has really helped and made such a difference between my first and second GD pregnancies.” Sharon, Bromley


kayleigh baby“Introducing my third and final GD baby who arrived Monday 14th September by planned c section weighing a tiny 9lb 11oz (my smallest!) Even though we had a relatively easy pregnancy with sugars well controlled by meds he unfortunately spent 2 nights in NICU with low blood sugars and a few breathing problems. Also once they removed the placenta they found it had started to deteriorate so we are feeling very lucky and blessed to have our beautiful boy home now with his proud brother and sister!
Thank you for all the advice and information on this group, if I hadn’t had your help to keep well controlled then we can only presume we could be in a lot worse of a situation with our boy now! Keep up the good work ladies and good luck to all expecting their very own sugar babies xx
P.s thank you for the strawberries and cream recommendation…I’m surprised he didn’t come out looking like a strawberry as that was the one thing that kept me going for the 6 months of GD life ?” Kayleigh, Luton


“I was put on metformin for PCOS to help conceive, consequently I had to check my sugars from 14 weeks and I quickly found what I ate had a huge impact on my numbers, I ended up making big changes to my diet thanks to the information on the fb gd page and I believe that is how I managed to stay off insulin throughout my pregnancy, I also kept the weight gain down. Thank you so much, I am now very fortunate to have a very healthy little boy.” Sarah, Cambridgeshire


Laura baby“This was my first pregnancy and I was diagnosed at 26 weeks. Before I went for my first appointment at the hospital I found the Facebook group, and thank goodness I did! I got basic information from the diabetic team but nothing like the advice I got from Jo and the admin on this page! Learning about what causes the condition, food pairing and snacking on the right foods in between meals to help stabilise BS levels, realising it’s not black and white and what works for one lady may not work for another.
The support was second to none and more people need to be aware of the condition and it’s causes…. It’s not your fault that you get GD and the support is out there to get you through and it took the stress out of the equation for me. I managed to stay diet controlled and I went on to have a beautiful baby boy Zachary in July at 39+1 weeks weighing a lovely 7lb 2.5oz and all his bs levels were perfect!
Thank you Jo and all the admin xxx” Laura, Hull


“I was diagnosed with GD late into pregnancy with my first baby and felt completely isolated with no support, I had no dietary advice and didn’t understand the induction process but luckily I had a healthy baby boy. My 2nd pregnancy couldn’t have been more different. I was diagnosed at 16 weeks and found this fantastic group (GD UK Mums Facebook group). I found like minded scared ladies and together I got the best support and advice including when I got put onto insulin and when I had a few problems. Again, I had a healthy baby girl who was premature (not related to GD) but is doing fab. I felt happier, more informed and a lot healthier and that is all down to Jo, the fantastic admins and the ladies in the GD group. Words cannot express how thankful I am xx” Rachel, Edinburgh


Claire Cuss baby“I was diagnosed at 30 weeks, after being misinformed that my gtt results were ok. However they were not and I was referred to my Diabetes team. Although the care was amazing I felt totally lost and not informed enough of what this meant- apart from a leaflet. I was very concerned and felt I’d done something very wrong this time around, that was until I found the GD UK group and Jo & all these amazing women, who explained how I was feeling was normal and gave such support and guidance… As the weeks went on, I felt super confident in what I’d been learning and was able to be diet controlled with metformin from 32 weeks. The consultants and Diabetic midwives were so impressed with me, I told them that without the group I really didn’t think I would’ve have handled my GD journey well at all. My induction at term was as close to what I’d wanted as possible and was for me a beautiful experience. Without the ladies talking about their experiences e.t.c I wouldn’t have had a clue what to expect. I feel extremely proud that I’ve directed at least 3 ladies to this group and they’re handling their experience all the better for finding this help.
My last post on the GD group before leaving to the life after group was; “introducing my beautiful sugar baby Joey”… without you Jo & girls I would have been lost.. I owe you” .. I really mean that..” Claire, Oxford


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