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Gestational Diabetes UK is now the largest recognised organisation for gestational diabetes in the UK, supporting thousands of pregnant people with gestational diabetes every year.

With over 22k active members in the Gestational Diabetes UK Facebook support group and over 21k followers on Instagram, Gestational Diabetes UK’s social media accounts are extremely busy and popular as resources for those diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy and for those who care for people diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

What I’m happy to do and be involved with…

My passion is supporting others with gestational diabetes and so I am happy to be involved in anything which I feel could improve the care, support and outcomes for those diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy.

Active involvement in research studies and projects

One of my favourite things is working with researchers and medical professionals on research studies and projects on gestational diabetes and diabetes in pregnancy.

Over the years, I have been involved in many research studies with universities across the UK and Northern Ireland: Belfast, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Imperial College London, and Kings College London (with 3 different academics specialising in different areas), Leicester, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Plymouth, Stirling and Ulster, to name a few!

I am frequently asked to collaborate on research grants as a co-applicant, a collaborator and to be part of the PPI (Patient and Public Involvement) group.

I have been particularly proud to work with Dr Claire Wilson, a Psychiatry Specialist Registrar and Clinical Researcher at Kings College London on a cartoon leaflet given to women diagnosed with GDM and more recently, as part of the research project creating an amazing short film about gestational diabetes diagnosis (Please see the full article, Gestational Diabetes: One Prick At A Time).

Recruiting participants for research studies and projects

Having a large online community of people who are currently pregnant with gestational diabetes and other types of diabetes, as well as post-birth mothers, means that Gestational Diabetes UK’s social media accounts and website reach this target audience which is obviously beneficial for those wanting to recruit participants for research studies and projects in this field.

I receive lots of requests to share advertisements for research studies, projects, polls and data collation, and so I try to carefully select which projects to help recruit for so that my members and followers do not get bombarded with adverts and only encourage recruitment for studies and projects that I believe are beneficial to gestational diabetes and that work in line with what I advocate [please note: ‘in line with what I advocate’ means that the research study does not actively encourage something which I feel is detrimental to the management of GDM, e.g. following a high-carb diet].

Please note: In return for helping to recruit participants for research studies and projects, I do request that I (Jo Paterson) and Gestational Diabetes UK be acknowledged in any of the study outputs such as presentations or publications, for the help provided

Examples of some studies Gestational Diabetes UK has recruited for:

Writing guest posts and reviewing articles on gestational diabetes

I am happy to write articles on gestational diabetes for like-minded and relevant websites, blogs, magazines and publications.

If you would like a guest post or article written about gestational diabetes, please feel free to get in touch.

Here are some examples of guest posts I’ve written for others (click on the images below) I have also contributed to reviewing information on gestational diabetes for Tommy’s midwives and have been featured in this article for iNews: Mothers beating gestational diabetes by ignoring NHS advice say ‘they have got to look into it properly’.

Involvement in media articles and stories

When gestational diabetes is a hot topic or featured in news, radio and television shows I have contributed by providing information and experience as a non-medical expert in gestational diabetes and have also put reporters in touch with current pregnant women with gestational diabetes to be featured on the news.

For any help and support with media articles and stories, please get in touch

Please note: I require as much time as possible to work and respond to these enquiries. Often I am contacted in the morning for information on an article for later that day, or the following day and this is not always possible to support

Here are some of the media channels I have worked with over the years:

Sample food or drink products for an honest review

I am happy to sample food or drinks which may be beneficial for those following a low-carb diet and are suitable for consumption during pregnancy for an honest review which I am happy to share on my social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) to my followers.

Here is an example of a product review post on my Instagram for some bread rolls from Seriously Low Carb.

Please note: I will not sample and review products that are similar to my Gestational Diabetes UK Subscription recipes eg. low-carb cakes

Support and resources for medical professionals

I have posters, flyers and shopping lists available as pdfs to download for medical professionals to use in medical clinics, and waiting rooms and to give to patients.

Please use this link to find the posters and flyers to help with the diagnosis of gestational diabetes and to advertise Gestational Diabetes UK for support.

For downloadable shopping lists based on Gestational Diabetes UK dietary advice, please use this link.

Many hospitals and clinics across the UK and Ireland recommend and use Gestational Diabetes UK as a resource for information and support to give to newly diagnosed patients (Gestational Diabetes UK is listed as a resource in the NHS diabetes in pregnancy handheld maternity notes) and it is wonderful to work alongside these hospitals and medical professionals to complement the care and support given to mothers with gestational diabetes.

It’s also wonderful to work with medical professionals around improving the ways in which they work with people diagnosed with gestational diabetes. With this in mind, our short film created in collaboration with Dr Claire Wilson at Kings College London and the Motherhoody Project about gestational diabetes is a worthwhile resource for medical professionals to view and share with others.

If you care for people who have gestational diabetes and would like more help or support in understanding anything related to working with your patients, then please get in touch. I work with many NHS Diabetes Specialist Midwives and Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Dietitians and Consultants in this area.

What I don’t do or offer…

My passion is helping and supporting people diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes and diabetes in pregnancy can be a very lucrative market, but I do not want Gestational Diabetes UK to be used as an influencer, to sell or promote products, goods or services for my own or others’ financial gain. I appreciate that you may have seen that I do offer an optional Recipe Subscription on my website, but this is completely optional and non-essential for women with gestational diabetes to use. The sole reason for offering this is to cover the costs of this website and my work involved.

I am not interested in being involved in developing products, apps or services for people with diabetes in order for companies to reach a target market within the gestational diabetes community.

I do not offer advertising space or affiliate links on my website as I like my website to remain an ad and pop-up free professional website.

I do not offer guest posts or articles unless I have sought after a particular person or subject.

Private Dietitians, please note: I am frequently contacted by Dietitians and Nutritionists who would like to endorse or ‘back’ my website and dietary information, as I am not a medical professional, in return for referring patients to them for coaching, courses, or 1-2-1 advice. I do not agree with this, especially due to the very high costs involved to the patient with gestational diabetes, so please do not contact me regarding this. I am more than happy to work with dietitians, but not for their own financial gain.

I am not a medical professional and for this reason, I am not comfortable or able to offer 1-2-1 advice, support or coaching for individuals with gestational diabetes.

I do not provide printed posters, flyers, leaflets, pamphlets, or information packs. I do, however, offer pdf downloads which can be used instead.