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work with usWe already have a number of hospitals, diabetic clinics and diabetic specialist midwives who work with us, by passing on our website address and details of our Facebook support group Gestational Diabetes UK Mums.

We’ve worked with researchers in recruiting ladies for research studies and with National media, ITV News and Channel 5 News.


Hospitals and diabetes clinics

If you are a medical professional who would like to work with us, then please get in touch. We would love for more hospitals to offer the best possible support and care for their patients with gestational diabetes, including the diet we advocate and good test times and targets. If you would be interested in adding our website to your gestational diabetes handouts, then please let us know. If you would be interested in fliers or posters, then please register your interest.

midwifeOur Facebook closed support group is a peer support group which runs alongside the information on our website. It is reserved for pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes, but we do have a diabetic specialist midwife who joined to learn more about the difficulties ladies face, to help improve her clinic’s service and support. She is now also a member of our Facebook group admin team.

If you work in the field and are interested in learning more about the struggles mothers diagnosed with gestational diabetes face, then please contact us to discuss joining our closed Facebook support group. Please note: Medical professionals who have not contacted us previously will not be approved to join.

Our public Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter accounts are the best places to follow and support us as a medical professional.



newsIf you work in media and would like to feature articles on gestational diabetes, then please get in touch.

We have with worked with ITV News and Channel 5 News recently to help reach mothers who would be interested in being interviewed on the back of a research publication from the University of Cambridge.

We are passionate about providing real life experiences, stories and articles which help raise awareness for gestational diabetes and expel some of the common misconceptions and presumptions around the condition.


Academic and Clinical Research

ResearchWe are very interested in helping and supporting research studies and trials relating to gestational diabetes, the prevention of type 2 diabetes and obesity following gestational diabetes and affects on offspring born to mothers with gestational diabetes.

So far we have seen over 3,000 members join our closed Facebook support group (with almost 2,000 current members) covering all areas of the United Kingdom and Ireland, so we have a large cohort of ladies and a growing following on all our social media accounts.

Please get in contact with us if you would like us to be involved, assist, help, or advertise to recruit ladies for academic and clinical research studies.


Guest writers, blogging and networking

blogIf you feel you have an article you could share or would like to write about on our website that would be relevant to our audience, then please get in touch.

We are happy to work with other pregnancy related organisations, charities or individuals.



Share your story

birth storyIf you would like to share your birth story or experience with us, or a testimonial to our group, website or membership then please contact us.

In particular we look for stories which can show experience of different birth choices, situations and complications which can help other mothers who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

We have a testimonial page which we are always happy to add to.

Advertising and marketing

discountWe advocate the use of certain products and branded items throughout our website, but none of these are affiliated links.

We would be happy to work in partnership with companies that could offer our ladies coupons, promotions, deals or discounts for purchasing certain items and so please get in touch if you would like a product or service advertised on our website that you think would be relevant to our audience.


Presentations, fliers and posters

If you would be interested in a guest talk on gestational diabetes from mothers who have first hand experience, fliers and posters about our website & support, then please register your interest and we will try our best to help.

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